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A pro-condom group active at World Youth Day  2002

Condoms distributed by the thousands at the WYDs

Above, a group of young Catholics from the movement Challenge the Church preparing to start the distribution of condoms at the WYD-2002 in Toronto. They were not the only Catholics to hand out prophylatics to the youth; the organization Catholics for Free Choice (CFFC) was in Toronto as well with the same purpose.

CFFC was also at the WYD-2005 in Cologne and claimed that their message was received with outstanding success by attendees (click here).

In Toronto, at least 10,000 condoms were distributed just by Challenge the Church. The package was inscribed with either a profile of an angel and the words "Challenge the Church" or the message: "If abstinence isn't working for you... don't leave it up to your guardian angel."

Asked if the Bishops would forbid Catholics to distribute condoms, Msgr. Peter Schonenbach, general secretary of the Conference of Catholic Bishops, told the Globe and Mail: "It's a free country. They can do what they want..." (February 1, 2002).

During the WYD-2005 in Cologne, CFFC placed billboards in the subways and along other access routes to the gathering place with the messages "Good Catholic Use Condoms," and "Condoms 4 Life."

Why are such organizations distributing prophylatics for the youth in the WYDs if not with the presupposition that they will be used for acts of free love?

This obvious presupposition admitted by everyone everywhere is being denied by blind conservatives who only want to see a joyful manifestation of piety in these gatherings.

For pros and cons on the topic, click here.

Below, left, a close-up of the WYD-1993 in Denver;
right, a scene from the WYD-2000 in Rome.

Couples embracing and kissing at World Youth day

Left,  The Plain Dealer,  April 13, 1993;  right,  30 Giorni,  September 2000,  p. 54.
CBS News  online,  July 24, 2002


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 30, 2005

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