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A priest and a nun dancing at World Youth Day 2005     Liturgical dancing girls around an altar
Left,   AP;    right,   Internet photo

World Youth Day 2005
Cultural Revolution under the Church's Umbrella

Top left, a priest and a nun dancing on top of barrels in front of the Cathedral of Cologne.

Right, young women in white apparel dancing around the altar
where the Holy Sacrament is exposed in a montrance.

Bottom, first row, left, young couples arriving at that Cologne train station to spend five days and nights together.

Right, a couple laying on the ground in their sleeping bags during Benedict XVI's Mass.

Second row, left, a hippy character wraps rosaries around his head
as a headband holding a flag of the Holy See.

Right, a girl having a cross tattooed on her stomach.

Third row, left, young men cover themselves with their country's flag
giving the appearance that they are naked.

Right, a couple embracing in an atmosphere of great moral liberty.

Young men and women at World Youth Day     Couples lounging together at World Youth Day

A man with rosaries wrapped around his head     A cross tattoo on a young womans belly

Young men covering themselves with a flag     A couple embracing jovially

Top left,   DPA;   right,  Internet photo
Middle left,  Internet photo;   right,  DPA
Botton left and right,  Internet photos


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 11, 2005

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