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‘Papal’ toilet paper - A new WYD's symbol?
To set the tone for the World Youth Day in Madrid that will gather from August 16 to 21, 2011, a shocking new symbol of the event came to light. Along with the backpack, T-shirt, hat and fan, now a set of two rolls of toilet paper is also included in the ‘essentials’ the attendees are invited to have.

Spanish television A92 News tells us that the toilet paper, printed by Renova, are in yellow and white to match the papal flag. In addition to their normal use, the rolls are intended to stand in as carnival serpentinas or party streamers. The youth can throw them from windows or toss them into the air from the crowds to pay homage to Benedict XVI when he passes in his popemobile.

After assuring us that the rolls are made of best quality tissue, scented and with a smooth and easy roll, one of the promoters of the initiative, below first row, invites viewers to purchase them. Second row, a young woman expresses her surprise when asked about the novelty by the TV interviewer; third row, the circle logo on the package reads: 'I love the Pope - to be used as giant streamers.'

Renova, the toilet paper company that printed the rolls and is promoting them, claims to be a supporter of WYD and Benedict's visit to Madrid. Were we in pre-Vatican II times, Catholics would have taken such an initiative as an offense against the Papacy, inspired by Freemasonry and Judaism. They would have raised up with indignation to stop this outrageous undertaking, especially in Catholic Spain. Today, accustomed to the corrupted moral ambience of the WYDs, even the most conservative among them laugh and pass it off as only a slightly inconvenient homage.

Let us see whether an official condemnation from the Vatican and the organizers of the 2011 WYD will come or if there will be general complaisance with this outrageous and disgusting initiative.

These photos were taken from the A92 News video. This scoop should be credited to Radio Cristiandad, Argentina. News on the topic can be read here, here and here.
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 7, 2011

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