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Dos and Don’ts in Photos
Charles Buddhist greeting

Don't adopt Buddhist greetings

We see in the photo above King Charles III using a Buddhist form of address to greet the President of France Emmanuel Macron, who joyfully responded in the same way. The occasion was the recent visit of the King and Queen of England to France in September 2023

There is no excuse for this change in the Western protocol of Christian Civilization, which so strongly influenced the customs in Europe. Indeed, the Covid-19 epidemic was used as a health reason to avoid shaking hands and largely to introduce the Namaste in the West. Now, however, the epidemic is over.

The Namaste has its origin as a homage to Buddha and other pagan deities. Its translation from Sanskrit means literally "I bow to you." But it comes from Namo Buddhaya, "I bow to Buddha."

Before the Covid restrictions the use of Namaste was limited to yoga and some martial arts circles. Progressivist authorities such as Pope Benedict XVI did their best to introduce it into the Catholic customs (here and here). They were not very successful.

Charles, who has a long history of affinities with Buddhism – see insert in the photo below – is now as King pushing to spread the use of this pagan greeting.

Catholics should not adhere to this bad way of greeting and should criticize it.

Don't adopt Buddhist greetings.

Elaine Jordan

Charles with Buddhists


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 20, 2023

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