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Dos and Don’ts in Photos

Don't wear rainbow-colored dresses

We see in the photo above Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg with Brigitte Macron, First Lady of France. The Grand Duchess is wearing a rainbow-colored dress. She and her husband Grand Duke Henri were paying a visit last August to the President of France Emmanuel Macron and his wife at their summer residence.

By choosing to wear this dress, the Grand Duchess is indirectly promoting homosexuality, showing a certain complaisance with Luxembourg's general climate of tolerance for this anti-natural vice. In fact, the most important public figure in Luxembourg, after Grand Duke Henri, is prime minister Xavier Bettel, who is an open homosexual "married" to his male lover.

Being an officially Catholic country, the Grand Dukedom of Luxembourg should have rejected this prime minister. Unfortunately, the Grand Duke, below driving a golf cart, did not have the necessary backbone to do so.

If his wife had principles, she would have protested against this "marriage." But, she also did not do anything. She drifted down the slippery slope and, today, we see her indirectly promoting homosexuality by wearing a rainbow-colored dress.She should not be imitated.

Don't wear rainbow-colored dresses

Elaine Jordan

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg 

Photos from Point de Vue, July 22 August, 2018


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 14, 2018

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