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Angela Merkel wearing trousers in the presence of the Pope

Don't wear pants in the presence of the Pope
We defend that women should not wear pants. We sustain that women dressing as men is against Natural Law and Catholic Morals (check here & here).

But if it were acceptable for women to commonly wear trousers, it would never be the case to do so in the presence of the Pope. The impropriety increases when the lady is the Chancellor of Germany and is receiving the Sovereign Pontiff, himself a German, on an official visit to the country.

However, this is what Chancellor Angela Merkel chose to do. In the photo above, you see her, along with President Christian Wulff and his wife Bettina, receiving Benedict XVI when he landed in Berlin at Tegel Airport on September 22, 2011. Below, you see her in a private meeting with the Pope at Schloss Bellevue (Good View Castle) that same day.

An educated woman like Merkel could not be unaware that there is a rigorous protocol on how ladies should dress before the Pope. So, one is led to wonder whether she - who is Protestant and the daughter of a Lutheran pastor - chose this apparel on purpose to scorn the Catholic Church and the Pope. This impression is reinforced when we compare this attire with the dress, in the second row below, she chose to visit the President of the United States in the White House. In any circumstance, even if she did not do it to scorn the Pope, this is certainly an example not to be followed.

Don't wear pants, but especially if you will be before the Pope.

Elaine M. Jordan
Angela Mekel wearing trousers while visiting with the Pope

Angela Merkel wearing a dress in the White House

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 25, 2011

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