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Dos and Don'ts in Photos

Michelle Obama with an excessively colorful dress

Don't wear extravagant colors in your dresses
One of the elementary principles of dress for ladies is that they should choose colors befitting their age and social or political status. It is a rule of prudence that, after one's forties, a lady should avoid shocking colors and choose discrete combinations that stress her good taste rather than her originality. Classic styles of dress are also recommended if the lady wants to project an image of respect and distinction.

When a lady is in a public position, as is the First Lady of our country, she normally makes an effort to reflect not only her own dignity but also that of the American people, who elected her husband as their President. Good examples of choosing discreet and tasteful combinations of colors in dresses are Jacqueline Kennedy and Laura Bush, pictured below.

We wish our present First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, would find a better wardrobe consultant to help her choose the colors and patterns of her dresses. The extravagant multi-colored dress she appears wearing at a Medal of Honor ceremony above is far from the ideal... Until she finds this advisor, we can at least take her as a model of what to avoid.

Don't wear extravagant colors in your dresses.

Elaine M. Jordan
Jacqueline Kennedy & Laura Bush in refined and elegantly colored dresses


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 31, 2011

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