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Dos and Don'ts in Photos

Princess Beatrix of York without shoes on

Point de Vue, June 3, 2006

Do not take off your shoes in public
In the photo above we see Princess Beatrix of York, daughter of Prince Andrew, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, arriving barefoot from a trip, carrying her shoes along with her purse. This is quite inappropriate behavior, since shoes are as much a part of our apparel as our dresses, blouses and skirts. And our apparel shows us to be either civilized persons or barbarians.

We have inherited 2,000 years of Christian Civilization and we ought to take pride in it. Unfortunately, behind today's casual trends is the desire to be always and at every moment comfortable and at ease. It has become common to take off one's shoes among friends, and ultimately, in public places, as shown in this photo. One trades dignity for ease; from ease one slips into slovenliness, and so on...

Today, in the name of comfort, the shoes are removed - what will be taken off tomorrow? Nudity and barbarism rear their ugly heads at the end of this tunnel.

Do not follow such weak and sloppy tendencies.

Alexis Reyes


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 27, 2008

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