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Dos and Don'ts in Photos

Queen Elizabeth with native maori 1 

Do visit natives properly dressed

In the wake of Pope John Paul II's visits to naked natives around the world (here, herehere and here), it has become common to hear his supporters argue that it was normal for the natives to appear this way, since this is the common dress of those "poor uncivilized peoples." So, no complaints should be made about the habit of the Pontiff to continue those visits.

Today, we bring to the attention of our readers some photos of Queen Elizabeth II, who also has the habit of visiting the natives living in the Commonwealth or in countries related to it. There is no case where the Queen appears with a topless woman or a fully naked man. From this fact we infer that those in charge of preparing her trips took the precaution to prevent this from happening in the sight of the Queen.

The obvious conclusion is that those in charge of preparing the papal visits did not take the same care or, perhaps, even arranged his program so that he would meet some naked women along the route. Were only those who prepared his trips to blame? Or was the Pope himself also aware of those eventual encounters? If he were aware, it would reveal a scandalous procedure. If he were not, it would reveal a blatant lack of vigilance in choosing his auxiliaries. He should have replaced them immediately after the first incident occurred, which did not happen.

In any case, as Vicar of Christ he should be the model of good customs, but in this case, he had much to learn from the Anglican Queen...

Nothing can be more benevolent than for a Sovereign Pontiff, a Queen or any other religious or civil authority to visit the needy, especially our brother aborigines, who have many things to receive from them. However, before doing so, these persons who embody power and representation must take precautions to avoid the inconvenience of meeting improperly dressed natives.

If you are one of these persons of authority, do visit natives; if you are a simple citizen like us, be aware that this is the good Catholic rule and apply it whenever you plan to carry out a work of mercy with them.

Do visit natives properly dressed.

Elaine M. Jordan

Queen Elizabeth visiting natives 2

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Posted June 13, 2014

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