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Dos and Don'ts in Photos

Princess Victoria of Sweeden immodestly inspecting public services 

Do not let your enthusiasm make you neglect good customs

As the future queen of Sweden, Princess Victoria has many public appearances. At one of them, above, she tests the strength of a steel pole on an apparatus that, probably, gauges atmospheric conditions on the outskirts of Stockholm.

Instead of realizing that her presence there was requested as a mere formality, she decided to check the efficiency of the pole, pulling on it with all her strength to see if the piece would resist her effort to dislodge it.

Thus, forgetting that she is a Princess and stirred by her enthusiasm to imitate a worker, she placed one foot on the upper ledge base to have more support. She also forgot she was wearing a short skirt. The result was inevitable: She publicly displayed a considerable part of her upper legs.

Had the photographer been a little more indiscreet and taken a close-up from another angle, the Princess - along with the Swedish Crown - would be facing a quite embarrassing situation with a photo showing private pieces of clothing that are meant not to be shown.

By contrast, it is a good example that we should control our impulses and spontaneous actions, evaluating all the consequences they can have for our own good reputation and our family names.

Don't let your enthusiasm make you neglect your good customs

Elaine M. Jordan


Blason de Charlemagne
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Photo from Pont de Vue, January 2, 2013
Posted June 12, 2013

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