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Dos and Don'ts in Photos

A female graduate of westpoint wearing a short skirt

Don't wear short skirts in the military
I do not agree with women entering the military. But if you are a woman and are there, be sure to wear a skirt of appropriate length. Catholic Morals teaches us that no one should lead others into the near occasion of sin. Now, to reveal the upper part of a woman's leg is, at least, an invitation to bad thoughts for normal men.

The picture above was shot during a graduation ceremony at West Point Academy. We see rows of young officers who have completed their studies and are ready to enter lives of honor at the service of our country. All the young men are seated in a dignified position, with their legs respectfully placed in a parallel position, and are listening attentively to the speaker. The only exception we notice is the young lady in the first row, who decided to cross her legs. And cross them for what purpose? To be at ease and show her legs. Besides being a fault against discipline, it is also a morally censurable attitude, which easily could be interpreted as a provocation.

The strong clash of her posture with discipline is accentuated by the contrast between the two parts of her uniform. The upper part of her uniform - like all the others - was designed to completely cover the torso and give preeminence to the head, the noblest part of the body. By wearing a short skirt, she inverted this rule, bringing attention to her legs instead. It is a subversion of the purpose of the military uniform.

I would suggest that military authorities establish a dress code for women that prescribes: a. wearing skirts below the knees; b. maintaining public postures appropriate to Christian morality; c. doing nothing that can be provocative to the opposite sex.

Until these rules are established, you should adopt them yourself.

Don't wear short skirts in the military.

Elaine M. Jordan

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 24, 2012

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