Homosexuality and the Clergy
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Destroying Our Military Effectiveness

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

On October 12, 2010, Virginia A. Phillips, a U.S. district judge in Riverside, CA, issued an injunction against the enforcement by the U.S. military of the law authorizing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. This policy prohibits recruitment personnel from asking about a candidate's sexual orientation, since open homosexuals are precluded from military service under the law.

Virginia Phillips, removes don't ask don't tell and opens military to homosexuals

Phillips' injunction triggered the acceptation of homosexuality in the military
Phillips' ruling rested on her opinion that the "don't ask" law was discrimination, which "infringed on the fundamental rights" of male and female homosexuals in the military.

The Department of Defense immediately stated they would obey the new law. Forthwith, the Department of Justice announced that the Obama administration would appeal the Phillips decision. This announcement is, however, strictly a pro forma move, as Obama has already gone on record that he wants the "don't ask" law abrogated.

The Pentagon entered the fray by resorting to a preposterously skewed artifice that the majority (70%) of the military personnel polled is in favor of lifting the ban. This is transparent trickery, because the poll did not include those who objected for religious reasons, to wit: "Leaving aside those with moral and religious objections to homosexuality..." (1) Hence, the 70% of selected service members polled gave their affirmative opinion without reference to either natural or supernatural law.

The bad fruits cropped in the Church

A similar devious maneuver is what caused the clerical sex-abuse scandals to explode in the Catholic Church. When the acts of homosexual or pedophile priests (80% of the molestations were by pedophile priests on post-pubescent males, i.e. teenage boys, making homosexuality the main issue) were exposed, their superiors did not see the perversions as egregious crimes. (2) Instead of insuring that the criminals were charged and imprisoned lest they prey on more youngsters, they sought the advice of psychiatrists. Hence, a complete disregard for moral or religious standards.

The experts treated these deviant priests at great cost, pronounced them ‘cured,’ and recommended to the Bishops they be reassigned to other parishes. As we know now, they were not cured and the crimes continued. Although some would claim that the "psychiatrists failed the Bishops," in truth it was the Bishops who failed the youths and their parents, and their very vocations by ignoring the crucial question of morals.

Benedict XVI has a long record of cover-ups

A long record of covering guilty Prelates and priests
A fortiori, this failure to responsibly control and punish the runaway homosexuality of both priests and the Hierarchy is found at the very top. A "wall of silence" about the abuses was created by then-Cardinal Ratzinger, proved by a letter he wrote in May 2001 that imposed secrecy for both perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests. He commanded that cases of sexual abuse were to by handled by his Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. (3)

In one notorious case, the Tucson Bishop of Manuel Moreno pleaded with Ratzinger to defrock a priest who had been molesting boys since 1978. Years later in 1992, Ratzinger finally responded, advising the Bishop he was taking control of the case. Another five years went by, but nothing was done while the priest remained on the payroll, still working with youths. The criminal priest was finally removed in 2004, but not prosecuted (thanks to Card. Ratzinger) because of the statute of limitations.

The aggregate cost of these hierarchical cover-ups is a staggering $2.7 billion in the U.S. alone. But the cost of shattered lives cannot be measured in terms of money. These disgusting and criminal acts by priests ravaged the bodies and souls of these innocents. Some traumas can never be effaced, which is why so many victims suffer from the sexual assaults for the rest of their lives. Not a few end in suicides or attempted suicides. (6)

The enigma of clerical superiors turning to psychiatry to resolve moral problems is incomprehensible. Writers from all walks of life have challenged and criticized the essentially secular psychiatric establishment for decades. Furthermore, “writers of all religious persuasions have expressed concerns about how psychiatry and psycho-pharmacology were used by Nazis and Communists as instruments of state control.” (7)

Princes of the Church relying on the secular psychiatric establishment to treat priests who were "men working that which is filthy" (Rom. 1:27) will go down in infamy into eternity.

Applied to our Armed Forces

Returning to the powerful leftist agenda to let homosexuals serve in the military, an analogous problem to the one that caused the clerical scandals exists. Homosexuals are attracted by persons of their own sex. Homosexuals, whether in the clergy or the military, are being exposed daily to the near occasions of sin. This is so clear that one cannot but be baffled and angry by efforts to insert these vice-ridden people into the ranks of the military.

Army training exercises

Army combat training requires close physical contact, unsuitable for homosexuals
The Pentagon claims “allowing gay men and women to serve openly in the U.S. armed forces presents a low risk to the military's effectiveness, even in time of war." (8) It is making assertions that simply are not true. In direct opposition to the Pentagon's statement, three of the four U.S. Armed Service chiefs told lawmakers that “allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military while the country is still at war could be disruptive to combat operations." (9)

Especially is the Marine Corps against it. Being a former marine myself (there's no such thing as an ex-marine), I was gladdened to read that resistance to repealing the band is strongest among the Marines. (10) I recall how several years ago when this subject came up, both officers and enlisted marines inundated the headquarters with complaints about allowing homosexuals to serve. One officer even called for the dissolution of the Marine Corps should the policy allowing homosexuals to serve be passed. (11)

The Pentagon's statement that the military's effectiveness by allowing open homosexuals "presents a low risk" is pure nonsense. Hundreds of retired generals and admirals have publicly warned that acceptance of homosexuals in the military would disrupt military effectiveness, particularly unit cohesion.

As this is written, it has been announced that the Senate has lifted the ban on the "don't ask" bill. Now the law just needs to be signed by the president. Obama will for sure approve it, because of his implausible belief that the ban "weakens our national security." One cannot help but opine that Obama has the desire to destroy our military strength and will allow open homosexuality in the military.

Obama supports homosexuals in the military

A desire to destroy the military
Expert opinions on enlisting not only homosexuals, but also women, into our fighting forces have been well expressed. The erudite war theorist Martin van Creveld judged that when the percentage of women allowed into the armed forces (and other fields also) reaches 15%, the men will begin to desert this field. He further states that "women's presence in the military can be tolerated only to the extent that they are de-womanized." As to homosexuals being allowed to serve, "there will be an exodus from the armed services of many who cannot accept the new situation.” (12)

A reduction in recruiting is likewise to occur. Christian parents, for example, will no longer want their children to serve in the new armed forces — not to speak of the morally healthy youth who will no longer want to do so themselves. It is simply astounding how the advocates of lifting the ban on open homosexual activity go on assuming that there will be no negative or deleterious consequences.

May Our Lady of Prompt Succor, who worked a great miracle in the Battle of New Orleans of 1815, again come to the aid of our country, and rid us of this desire to destroy our fighting forces.
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Posted December 20, 2010

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