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The Filthy Claw

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

Dominic Zamora and his family suffer. It is a protracted and atrocious suffering, seemingly interminable. As a child Dominic was an altar boy, and his parish priest forced him to drink Mass wine, got him drunk and molested him, and then continued the abuse for years. The trauma lacerated his body and soul. He never recovered, never regained his mental, physical or spiritual health. He was compensated with money - lots of it - but like other victims of that ruthless clerical evil, it only made his suffering worse. It can be likened to paying for the use of a prostitute: "We used your body; here is your payment."

Dominic Zamora

Compensation dollars paid out to many victims, like Zamora above, have made matters worse
Dominic is now 36-years-old. Like others who were so deeply scarred by the assaults of priests, the dollar pay-offs seeped like a poison into every relationship he has had. It has fed drug and alcohol habits, divided siblings and fueled resentment in parents who walked through hell with their children, only to find rejection and blame on the other side.

Reporting on Dominic’s case, The Contra Costa Times notes: "Three decades (after the sexual abuses), Dominic's arms snake with angry ink, chilling tattoos of skeletons with twisted faces that represent the devil and a pair of clowns grimacing with exaggerated grins and sneers. He blames his mother for sending him to be an altar boy (and) he blames his father for not standing up to her...

“He owns eight cars, including a 1953 Imperial and a 1966 Thunderbird, and two flatbed trucks – even though he lost his license for drunken driving... (His parents' punishment) is to watch him spend the Church's money any way he wants – on cars, on a string of girlfriends and on the alcohol that has left him with 10 percent of his stomach." (1)

Within a few years of the clerical scandals, the dollar figure for settlements was in the ten digits. Whole dioceses went bankrupt. Schools and parishes closed. Forced resignations resulted - some hushed, some public - not only for priests and religious, but for members of the hierarchy. But these tragedies stand as gossamer, a sarcastic simulacrum of justice, when compared to the crushed lives of the young victims and their parents.

Mala fide, in 2004 Archbishop Wilton Gregory, then-president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, made a crass and insulting statement that defies belief. His words must have increased the victims' mental, psychological, physical and spiritual anguish exponentially. In that year he proclaimed that after two years of relentless investigations into priests who sexually abused children and the Bishops who protected them, "the scandal is history." (2)

Archbishop Wilton Gregory

Archbishop Gregory declared the sexual abuse scandal closed and part of history
History? Dominic's mother stands at her son's bedroom door in the middle of the night, listening to his whimpering and haunting cries in his sleep: "Don't hurt me, don't hurt me! I'll do what you say. I'll do what you want." About Dominic's present condition, she said, "If you could give me back my son's childhood, I'd gladly take that back because he had a future. Now he has no future. You see him, he has no future."

To Bishop Gregory, she has this to say, “Yes, your Excellency Wilton Gregory, it's all over. The debt has been paid in full for the profane desecrations of youthful innocent bodies. What happened is history. Let them get over it and go about their lives."

As J. Podles points out in his book Sacrilege - Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church, the attitude of Bishop Gregory is hardly an isolated one. He notes:

"The bishops of the United States were fully aware that professors in their seminaries were teaching that sex with children and boys did no real harm, that it was only the fuss that unenlightened, pre-Vatican parents created that harmed the children. Therefore the bishops did not turn the abusers over to the police and did little or nothing to help the victims...

“No one thought much about (priests having sex with boys)...That is what was being taught in the seminaries...And perhaps is still being taught." (3)

How did this lack of rage, nay, this attitude of seminary rectors who "prefer" sodomite priests to straight ones ever happen? It's all part of the great 20th century apostasy, which began "at the top." (4)

Then it trickled down to powerful prelates like the late Joseph Cardinal Bernadin. The clerical sexual scandals of his diocese are his "legacy," as is the infestation of the American hierarchy with perverts and abusers; the homosexualization of seminaries and the clergy." Its effect recalls the words of St. Paul about "men with men working that which is filthy (Rom. 1:27).

Sodomy is one of the four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. But the 12,000 victims of abuse by some 4,500 priests or bishops in the United States cannot be spoken of only in terms of sodomy as a sin. To apprehend the evil of this abuse, we must think of its consequences as well. We can think of the Richter scale, which is used for measuring earthquakes. There are 10 grated steps. But each step multiplies the seismic energy 60 times more than the previous step. A priest abusing a youth isn't just a three or a five or a seven on the scale. He is a ten.

Our Lady of Fatima

May Our Lady hasten the day of her timely intercession and triumph

Considering that this sin causes nausea to Our Lord and is even despised by the Devil, a cleric abusing a youth must demand vengeance 600 times greater than it would for a sin of sodomy. In fact, the serial rape of a young man by a trusted cleric is so demonically evil that the mind can hardly consider it, reeling from it in total disgust.

I once read a story about a priest who confronted evil face-to-face in a failed exorcism. He suffered grievously for the rest of his life. This is what he said about evil:

"Evil has power over us, some power. And even when defeated and put to flight, it scrapes you in passing by. If you don't defeat it, evil exacts a price of more terrible agony. It rips a gash in the spirit with a filthy claw, and some of its venom enters the veins of the soul. As a price. As a memory. As a lesson. A warning that it will return again." (7)

This filthy claw tore open the souls of thousands of innocents and placed in them its putrid venom. Let us pray for the Dominic Zamoras of the world and their families that with the grace of Our Lady they will persevere, and the gash of the filthy claw - left by priests who rejected their office – will heal. Noblesse oblige. Nobility obliges. The priests are obliged before God to have an exemplary behavior. When the sacred obligation of priests fails, it is a long dirty way down.

Before her death at the hospital in Lisbon, Jacinta of Fatima told her godmother Mother Godinho: "Pray much, my little mother, for sinners. Pray much for priests. Pray much for religious. Priests should only occupy themselves with the affairs of the Church. Priests should be pure, very pure."

The Church is in her worst passion ever, and it has not ended, as Bishop Gregory so blithely announced. The filthy claw of Progressivism has gashed the souls of legions of the faithful. It is the hour when the dominion of the Devil seems almost complete.

But that dominion will not last much longer, because Our Lady promised that "finally My Immaculate Heart will triumph." Make haste for thy triumph to come, o Empress of the universe! Make the residuum revertetur - that thy remnant returns to win.
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 9, 2009

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