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Dos and Don'ts in Photos

Hillary Clinton getting drunk

Don't accept drinking challenges
For those accustomed to hard liquor, nothing is more amusing than to see someone who is pretending that he or she is a heavy imbiber. A challenge is the normal outcome of that pretension: "Okay, let's see if you can down this large shot of tequila and follow it with beer?" Then our showy greenhorn takes the challenge to impress the audience. Shortly he will be drunk - adding to the fun of those implacable veteran drinkers.

If you are a woman, keep in mind that normally speaking a lady gets drunk twice as fast as a man. It is, I believe, an additional reason not to accept drinking challenges.

In the photos above, we see ex-First Lady and present day Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a bar among men pretending she can drink like one of them. And to prove it, she tosses back her head and downs the large shot of liquor in a single gulp.

Well, the predictable result can be seen below, where she displays a bliss undoubtedly influenced by that first shot.

If you are a prudent man, don't accept drinking challenges. You may end up drunk and, since nobody knows what he does in that state, you may lose your reputation and perhaps also your wallet. If you are a woman, never do it. You may lose more than that. If you are a Secretary of State, watch your step carefully. We the people are too tired of politicians who are drunks, liars & demagogues.

Maintain your dignity, don't accept drinking challenges.

Elaine M. Jordan
Hillary Clinton drunk

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 13, 2011

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