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Dos and Don’ts in Photos
Dark makeup


Don't use dark makeup & fingernail polish

With Hollywood & Disney spreading gothic and punk fashion trends via movies and animated films, the fad of using dark-colored makeup and fingernail polish is entering the mainstream.

Even women and girls in conservative and traditionalist milieus are instinctively adopting moderated versions of this fashion in order to “fit in.”

This trend should be opposed by adults – especially parents and teachers – unless they want to be responsible for the consequences. Sooner or later those who embrace these styles will adopt the macabre and Satanist ideas that are explicitly defended by those movements.

Ideas are incubated in the tendencies like chicks in eggs. An ambience favoring a custom or style provides the environment needed to hatch the tendencies and transform them into ideas.

The apparent innocuous fashion of wearing dark makeup and fingernail polish actually carries in itself the germ of the gothic and punk movements.

Don't use dark makeup and fingernail polish.

Elaine Jordan

Dark finger nails

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 8. 2020

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