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Dos and Don’ts in Photos

Angela Merkel eating herring 

Don't eat too large a portion at one time

Above, you see German Chancellor Angela Merkel trying to swallow in one gulp an entire herring. No matter how fond she may be of this kind of fish, she should have been a little more concerned about her public image.

Indeed, how can she pretend to be a genuine representative of such a dignified people as the Germans and indulge in this exercise of impoliteness? We would say that her action is more fitting for a circus show alongside the sword-swallower and the fire-eater than for the office of German Chancellor.

Christian Civilization has taught us not to swallow portions that are too large when we eat. To prevent this barbarism it instructed us to utilize appropriate utensils such as the knife to cut the food into small portions and the fork to bring them to our mouths. It is, first, a question of civilization, but, second, this propriety is also good for our health since it facilitates digestion.

The German Chancellor and the American politicians, below, would improve their social graces if, instead of adopting vulgar manners with the illusion that this makes them popular, they would follow the example of the little girl, below, who, hindered by a plastic fork, knows how to cut her food and nicely bring it to her mouth.

Don't eat too large a portion at one time.

Elaine M. Jordan

Don't eat a large portion at ounce

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Posted July 8, 2015

Blason de Charlemagne
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