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‘Let’s Not Wait for the Theologians’

Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.
Francis never stops, my friend Jan and I agreed. We weren’t talking about his constant travels, but rather his ceaseless attacks against anything with the least scent of Catholicism. During on-plane interviews to and from his multiple destinations, this Pope has become famous for spouting forth particularly offensive nonsense conflicting with Catholic teaching.

On the plane returning to Rome from Romania (June 3, 2019), Pope Francis made another blast against tradition regarding the role of theology in ecumenical relations.

praying our father

Patriarch Daniel refuses to pray publicly with Francis and says the Our Father in Romanian

Ecumenical relations with the Romanian Greek-Schismatics, who make up about 86% of the country’s population, were the central focus of the Pope’s visit. After addressing the country’s political leaders upon landing mid-morning May 31, Francis met patriarch Daniel at schismatic headquarters.

The two later traveled together to Bucharest’s massive new schismatic cathedral. They then took part in a prayer service in which they both recited the Our Father separately: Francis in Latin, followed by Daniel in Romanian.

Now, of course, this wasn’t what Francis wanted: He wanted to pray together with the schismatic leader. But the stubborn heretic refused – let us not forget that the Greek-Schismatics are also heretics – holding with the correct pre-Vatican II argument that theological agreement was needed before “Christian unity” or praying together could be possible.

How expressive it is that the head of the Schismatic Church showed himself to be more consistent to its false faith than is the Pope to the Catholic Faith. It shows that schismatics and heretics are not as deeply buried in error as apostate progressivists.

flight romania Francis

Francis: ‘There is already Christian unity’

But, Francis wouldn’t let it go there. He went on to report that he had silently prayed along when patriarch Daniel recited the Our Father. He added that, from what he could see, most of the people at the service in the “Orthodox” cathedral prayed both times.

“The people went beyond us leaders,” explained Francis.

And, according to Francis, this is the way it should be. Despite his ecumenical failure to pray with the patriarch, he stated that ecumenical relations between Catholics and Schismatics are actually built by walking together and jointly serving those in need.

Based on this criterion, he announced, “There is already Christian unity.” Then, he added: “Let’s not wait for the theologians to come to agreement on the Eucharist.”

Francis’ anti-dogma pattern

This demagogic statement is a clear message that there is no need to seriously discuss dogmatic questions to achieve “Christian unity.” The dogmatic talk is secondary. Just ignore it and follow the impulses of the times: In this case, make the Holy Eucharist a sacrament that celebrates being together rather than the Body of Christ or a sign of sharing the unity of Faith. Dogma discussions are obsolete.

Here, dear Jan, I would like to point out that this spirit of destruction of dogma is what Atila Guimarães denounces as a process openly at work in the Church since Vatican Council II. There are many conservatives and traditionalist pretending today that Francis is the great Destructor. Not true. He is just the great Continuer.

animus injuriandi

Guimarães provides many examples of periti who denigrate dogma

In Animus Injuriandi II (Vol. III of the Collection, pp. 223-226) Guimarães quotes numerous Council periti who affirmed that dogma has becomes secondary to unity. A few examples:
  • Then Fr. Joseph Ratzinger called dogmas “obstacles” that are “increasingly unacceptable” for the present day man. Even more, the future Benedict XVI called the language of Catholic dogma “second class language” that “does not stand of itself.”

  • Hans Kung called the formulae of dogmas and the Creed “stiff” and “petrified” because they do not change with historical situations.

  • Cardinal Yves Congar described belief in dogma like original sin and the real presence in the Eucharist as “disastrous thing-ism,” that do not “respect the mystery of the revealed truths.”
As you can see, Francis is simply running the last leg in the destruction of the Church that animated the promoters of the Council. He says openly what has been done quietly since the Council: Set aside past teaching and go forward.

Communion in the hand & altar girls

We saw the same process unfold with Communion in the hand: Long before it became a widespread habit among Catholics throughout the world, the 1969 document Memoriale Domini issued under Paul VI had officially approved the custom of receiving Communion in the hand.

An analogous thing took place with altar girls: Although girls were on the altar as servers in dioceses here and there around the world, it was a provision of the 1983 Code of Canon Law and consequent Vatican interpretation that made it official for females to be altar servers and opened the gates of the dam.


LGBT Mass in Dublin's Avila Retreat Center where homos receive communion regularly

Today, thanks to Amoris Laetitia, we are seeing Catholics joined by their protestant spouses at Communion, along with divorced and remarried Catholics and even homosexual so-called “couples.”

So, instead of words of condemnation from the Conciliar Church’s authorities, they offer words of encouragement to violate past dogma. We see, therefore, that the motto “Let the people do what they want and the theologians follow” is not what is really happening.

What has happened so far in the wake of Vatican II is that Popes, Prelates and theologians are leading the way to destroy the Church. The “people” are nothing but a demagogic pretext they use to give a better appearance to their criminal work.

A few words of condemnation from Francis

But, wait one moment. I was a bit hasty saying there were no words of condemnation from Francis. He had a few scathing rebukes for one group of Catholics: the traditionalists who stubbornly dare to defend dogma and uphold tradition.

latin mass

Severe words for those who insist
on safeguarding ‘the ashes of the past’

On the same plane ride home from Romania, Francis criticized the Catholics (us!) who seek to “safeguard the ashes” of the past, saying the Catholic Church’s centuries of tradition are not a container for preserved objects, but rather roots to be drawn on for future growth.

He singled out the “fundamentalists” who have a nostalgia for “returning to the ashes.”

“Tradition is the guarantee of the future and not the container of the ashes,” said Francis.

The tolerant Francis could not have been more emphatically intolerant, repeating himself with energy: “The tradition of the Church is always in movement. Tradition does not safeguard the ashes.”

Earthquakes felt at the Vatican

As I write this column, there are news reports of an earthquake that hit 14 miles east of Rome with tremors that were felt at the Vatican. It has raised new fear in central Italy, which is still recovering from a devastating magnitude-6.2 quake that killed 300 people in the Lazio, Umbra and Marche regions on August 24, 2016.

It may be the sign that God will step in to destroy those whose intent has clearly become to destroy Catholic dogma and His Holy Church. Let us wait and see.


Rubble in town center of Amatrice
after 2016 earthquakes


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 26, 2019

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