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A black and white photograph of Fr. Ratzinger speaking with Karl Rahner

Card. Ratzinger: I did not change

At Vatican Council II, Fr. Joseph Ratzinger (above right) receiving orientation from his mentor, progressivist theologian Karl Rahner.

If someone were to cast doubt upon Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's affiliation to the progressivist current, he could find the Prelate's own admittance of such in an interview with journalist Vittorio Messori, who calls him a "balanced progressivist."

Messori points to Ratzinger as "one of the founders of the magazine Concilium, a meeting place for the progressivist wing of theology."

"'Was it a sin of youth, Your Emminence, this engagement with Concilium?' I asked him, joshing.

"'Absolutely not,' he answered. 'I did not change; they changed.'"

(Rapporto sulla Fede - Vittorio Messori a coloquio con Joseph Ratzinger, Rome:Paoline, 1985, p. 14).

Photo from 30 Dias -  July, 1990


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 24, 2005

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