NEWS:  August 31, 2015
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Atila Sinke Guimarães
FATAL FLAW IN THE CATHOLIC-JEWISH DIALOGUE  -  As the 50th anniversary of Nostra aetate draws near (October 28, 2015), the Catholic-Jewish dialogue initiated by that official document of Vatican II enters center stage. As an example, we have in late June, early July the meeting of 250 Catholics and Jews from around the world to celebrate the anniversary of their “reconciliation.” Other commemorations are also planned, but it is not my intention to list all them here.

nostra aetate 50 anniversary

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League celebrates 50 years of 'dialogue' resulting from Nostra Aetate; on the cover, JPII embracing the rabbi of Rome

My goal is to raise a background problem, which I believe is so fundamental that any dialogue that has been carried out during this half-century or will be carried out becomes drained of significance. The problem is this: How sincere and trustworthy is the Jew in the ecumenical dialogue?

I remember Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira discussing with me and others a similar question regarding agreements and dialogues with communists. He used to argue: How can the West trust any treatise or accord signed with communists if they do not believe in moral principles and have no honor to stand behind their commitments?

For a communist, what is the value of a treatise with the West? For him it has no value, absolutely none. To the contrary, the communist professes the principle that the end justifies the means. Thus, communists may sign all the accords the West proposes as a measure of diplomacy, but they will break them all if it is in their interest to do so, as long as the West cannot impose its terms by force.

A similar thing applies to the Jews. The Jew is basically the person of the Hebrew race who follows the precepts of Judaism.

The liberal Jew, the one “adapted” to the worldly life of the West, who socializes with everyone, belongs to the clubs of non-Jews, allows his children to marry outside Judaism, this Jew is not the characteristic Jew. He is an agent that Judaism needs to protect itself and to conquer.

Look, for example, at the benefits won for Judaism by Hollywood, whose heads are mostly liberal Jews. I don’t know of one film – except for the Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson – that shows Jews in a bad light. No matter what the subject of the movie is, every single picture, every single dialogue is carefully calculated to promote – or at least not to hurt – Jews and, conversely, to downplay their enemies, including Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church and Western Christendom.

Goldschmidt Francis

Francis warmly greets chief rabbi Goldschmidt at the Vatican & apologizes for past “hatred & violence”

The same could be said of liberal Jews who own banks, businesses, social, cultural and artistic institutions. They are not “sincere” liberals, as many Americans naïvely believe. They form an enormous padding around the religious Jews, who are the ones who really count in Judaism.

The same could be said of the “ecumenical” Jew. What the liberal Jew does with regard to the non-Jews in society, the “ecumenical” Jew does with regard to other religious representatives in spiritual matters.

He participates in ecumenical meetings, sits at conference tables, signs general statements, smiles, walks in the streets holding hands with other religious leaders in pacifist and ecological demonstrations, gives money for social causes, etc. If he is an important rabbi, he visits the Pope, embraces him, gives him Jewish symbols as gifts, assists at concerts in honor of him, etc. However, he will never give up one single iota of Judaism. He will never say a word of acceptation of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lady or the Catholic Church.

Instead, he is always accusing the Catholic Church of harassing Judaism – insinuating that the Church inspired the Nazi persecutions – assuming a position of victim and asking for doctrinal compensations. Thus, the ecumenical Jew is not a “sincere” partner in the inter-confessional dialogue. Just like the liberal Jew, the “ecumenical” Jew is also an agent of Judaism to pad it against possible attacks and to corrode the Catholic Church in her doctrine and morals.

Ratzinger jews

Benedict XVI receiving gifts from rabbis; below JPII visits the world center for Jewish Heritage in Jerusalem

jpII jews
This constant attitude of “ecumenical” Jews is confirmed by what the Talmud, the principal book of Judaism, says about non-Jews. Indeed, it gives these norms to its co-religionists:

“1. The souls of Jews have the privilege of being part of God himself. The souls of the other peoples of the earth come from the devil and are similar to those of animals. ...

“5. As they await the coming of the messiah, Jews live in a state of continuous war with the other peoples. When the victory is definitive, the peoples will accept the Jewish faith, but it is only the Christians [= Catholics] who will not participate in this grace. On the contrary, they will be completely annihilated because they descend from the devil. ...

“8. Only the Jews are men; the other peoples are no more than types of animals. The dog is worth more than the non-Jews. The non-Jews are not just dogs, but asses. The souls of the non-Jews come from the impure spirit and the souls of Israel come from the spirit of God.

“9. The non-Jews were only created to serve the Jews day and night, without deviating from their service. …

“14. The Jew can be hypocritical with the non-Jew.” (1)

Now then, how can a Catholic trust a Jew in his ambiguous declarations of ecumenism when we know that he is following these norms and considers the Catholic to be an animal with less value than a dog, one who should be annihilated because he descends from the Devil?

Obviously, a Catholic cannot trust a Jew in questions of religious dialogue. We should remember that the Talmud also tells the Jew to be hypocritical with non-Jews. His dialogue is a tactic to fool Catholics and demand as many changes in Catholic doctrine and liturgy as possible in order to protect Judaism and silence a powerful enemy.

Since Nostra aetate, Progressivism and the Conciliar Popes, who are its main supporters, have gagged the entire Catholic Church so she cannot speak against Judaism.

Thus, this argument, which is so simple to explain, has been almost completely silenced.

Here is my contribution for the inter-religious dialogue between Catholics and Jews: “Catholics, don’t trust the Jew; he hates you and is just playing games. The whole Vatican II dialogue with the Jews is a pantomime to distract your attention and destroy Catholic militancy against Judaism.”

  1. August Rohling, Le Juif selon le Talmud, apud Henri Delassus, La Conjuration Antichrètienne, Lille: Desclée de Brower, 1910, pp. 1125-1126.

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