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Benedict XVI at the Synagogue of Cologne

Pope Benedict XVI inside the synagogue of Cologne

Cologne - August 19, 2005 - Above, Benedict sits in chair equal to that of the chief rabbi while awaiting permission to address the audience. Below, he delivers his speech.

A member of the Jewish audience, Chantal Reich, told the European Jewish Press: "The Pope looked very impressed, even frail and timid, when he entered the synagogue. He gave the feeling of a boy entering into the office of a school director" (online editon, August 19, 2005).

Pope Ratiznger initiated his visit participating in a kaddish, a Jewish prayer, and received as a gift a shofar, a ram's horn blown to call the Jews in Jewish worship.

It is certainly what the conciliar Popes have done: they have called for Catholics to become like Jews and to transform the Catholic Church into a branch of Judaism.

Benedict XVI speaking to Jews at the Synagogue of Cologne

European Jewish Press online,  August 19, 2005


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 21, 2005

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