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Why Jews commemorate the canonizations
of John XXIII & John Paul II
On April 26, 2014, one day before the canonizations of the two Popes, the London magazine The Tablet published an article by rabbi Jonathan Romain explaining why Judaism considers the two Popes their own heroes.

Romain is a rabbi at the Maidenhead Synagogue in Berkshire, England and one of the more outspoken representatives of Liberal Judaism in that country. He writes for The Times, The Independent, The Guardian and The Jewish Chronicle.

The work of destruction of the bi-millennial Catholic theological tradition regarding the Jews carried out by these two Pope becomes evident in rabbi Romain's summary. His article, although useful in presenting the advantages the two Popes gave to Judaism, is biased, as expected. It disregards the objectivity of the Church's previous charges that the Jews rejected the Messiah, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and committed Deicide. He does so quite comfortably, based on the work of the progressivist Popes who "absolved" the Jews of any guilt.

Below, photocopies of the article, which can be enlarged for more comfortable reading.

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 14, 2014