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Fr. Henri de Lubac Borrows his Notion
of 'Collective Salvation' from Judaism

Cardinal Henri de Lubac, one the leaders of the Nouvelle Theologie [New Theology], presents Judaism as a model to eliminate the Church's notion of individual salvation and replace it with the "collective salvation" that the Cardinal always defended. This is an important Jewish concept included in the new theology of the Conciliar Church.

In his well-known book Catholicisme, he clearly affirmed this thesis.

Top right is a facsimile of the book cover; at right , a photocopy of the French. Below, we present our translation.
"Just as the Jews for so long have placed all their hope not in individual rewards after death, but in the collective destiny of their race and the glory of their earthly Jerusalem, likewise, all the hopes of the Christian should tend toward the coming of the kingdom and the glory of the one Jerusalem .... Spiritualized and universalized, according to the words of the prophecies themselves, Judaism transmits to Christianity its conception of an essential social salvation."

(Henri de Lubac, Catholicisme - Les aspects sociaux du dogme, Paris: Cerf, 1947, p. 36.
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted on July 23, 2005

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