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Benedict receiving a shofar horn from a rabbi

Ratzinger, the Herald of Judaism

August 19, 2005 - During his visit to the synagogue of Cologne, Benedict XVI received the gift of a shofar, the ceremonial horn sounded to announce the New Year and call the Jews to prayer.

Since Ratzinger has been a long-time defender of the errors of Judaism and its supposed messiah, and follows its method of interpreting Scriptures, in many senses he can be considered a herald for the Jewish religion. Therefore, it seems appropriate for him to receive a shofar from the Jews as a symbol of his past help and expectation of the "new year" he may bring them.

For more on the topic, read
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Changes in the Doctrine and New Anathemas

Below, a religious Jew sounding the shofar.

A rabbi blowing on a shofar

European Jewish Press online  August 19, 2005
Inside the Vatican,   May 2004


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 15, 2006

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