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Dancing Jews, Melanie & Fatima

Jews Commemorate the Choice of Pope Francis


I am sending you a translation from French to English of a commentary on the first act of Pope Francis: his letter to the Jews.

Original in French here.

Jews dancing for Pope Bergoglio
Argentine Jews dance at their synagogue to commemorate the choice of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope


No, this is not a joke or an exaggeration of a "Semitic conspiracy" that purports Jews have even taken over the Vatican.

The official information was made public on the website of the "Jewish community of Rome." On the day of his election, Francis found the time to write a letter to the Jewish community in which he says: "I very much hope to contribute to the progress that relations between Catholics and Jews has experienced since the Second Vatican Council, in a renewed spirit of cooperation and service to a world that can always be more in harmony with the Creator's will."

John Paul II had already made pioneer efforts in Church relations with Judaism (breaking with Catholic tradition). Benedict XVI went further, even trying to absolve the Jewish deicide, but we can expect Francis to push the limits in this regard. This is noted with satisfaction by the ultra-Zionist JSSNews, which recalls that Bishop Bergoglio has participated in worship services in Talmudic synagogues, co-authored a book with a rabbi, and prefaced another (where he presents the rabbi as his "teacher") ...

No comment.


Updates from TIA?


I'm just wondering if there is a way to receive online "updates" from TIA on a regular basis.

Many thanks,

     M.C., Canada

E-mail List


I would like to be added to your email list.

Thank you and God bless you,



TIA responds:

Hello M.C. & C.S.

We thank you for your interest. TIA does not have an e-mail list. Nor do we 'tweet' or have a facebook page or any other way to send our news to individual readers.

What we do is to update our website daily between 6 and 9 p.m. (Pacific time). Our readers normally bookmark our site as one of their favorites and go there everyday to check for updates.

We suggest that you do the same.


     TIA correspondence desk


Miserablist Church

Dear TIA,

So this new marvel [Pope Francis] is more of the same, only worse (surprise, surprise!!!) which was no surprise to me. It was the only result we could have expected given the cast of characters on the main stage.

My thoughts: Since this one is parroting the B16 (and others) line of the Miserablist Church - poor, small, devoid of grandeur, etc. ad nauseam - I guess we should erase from Scripture the passage that speaks of the tiny mustard seed and the miraculous growth It would have - until it got so big that all of the birds of the air would come and nest in its branches... Or did I get that wrong, perhaps?

Do they plan on selling off all the dear contributions the faithful made over centuries, including at times their plain gold wedding bands? Of course, so many of these donors were poor as well - or did I get that wrong, too?

Is it telling, perhaps, that our new champion has a dear rabbi friend of many years, who apparently stands high on the official appointment list... Maybe I got that wrong, too, huh?

I'll just have to learn to be less scandalized and more charitable, right?

Maybe TIA can come out with a new book to advise the faithful how they should act nowadays in the wake of all these formerly inconceivable changes.

Kind of reminds me of Bishop Fellays's tight friend, Maximilian Krah: Same line of work, same roots, same agenda???

     Best to you all,


Be Humble


Please consider that the value of man’s opinions, regarding the decisions made by the Church, are limited by man’s capabilities.

In view of this, it must be regarded that Christians should act benevolent and not under the pretext of maintaining undisputable truth.

This in order to keep the faith vital and dignified, in particular since this is a humble human endeavor.


     G.T.B., the Netherlands


Superman Priest

Dear TIA-Team,

Have you ever heard of Superman-priest Humberto Alvarez in Mexico and his Holy-Water-Cannon?

Check out the two pictures below. For more click here.

     Kind regards,

     F.W., Germany

pictures of the super man priest with a watergun


Archbishop Celebrates Serpent Year


Below are two photos of Archbishop Vlazny of Oakland and nuns dancing for him, celebrating the pagan festival of the beginning of the Lunar Year.

For more photos click here.


Note: Please check some corrections to the data of this letter here.

pictures of the chinese new year festival performed by nuns


La Salette Secret & Melanie Calvat


The secret the Blessed Mother gave to Melanie generated plenty of excitement, controversy and confusion. The latter seems to have been a tactic of those who wanted to discredit not only the secret but Our Lady too, because where confusion is skillfully sowed, doubt or denial can easily follow.

In the book Sister Mary of the Cross Sheperdess of La Salette by Fr. Paul Gouin, at the bottom of the first page this is found:

"Melanie revealed her Secret at the time which was indicated to her although she knew that such an action would draw toward her the wrath of those who, having lost all moral sense, were attached to the chariot of the Masonic sect" (L' Osservatore Romano Dec. 25 1904, at that time the official paper of the Holy See and a most trustworthy one at that).

For those interested who can read French, they can access some of what was going on by going to the Internet site: La Salette. Apocalypse. Pelerinage et litterature 1856-1996.

Melanie may have been a victim soul as she was misunderstood and met with a lot of opposition throughout her life. Finally when her time to die came, she was all alone humanly speaking. This author believed that Jesus Himself came to give her Holy Communion before she was called out of this world.

Hopefully, this will give to those interested something positive to think about concerning the Secret. Unfortunately, until this present day, there are books published with different variations of Our Lady's message.

Our Lady of Good Success, Pray for Us
Our Lady of La Salette, Pray for Us
Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us


Third Secret & St. Malachi

Dear TIA,

I am surprised at the text of the Third secret of Fatima that you published on May 17, 2010.

This date of worldwide publication should be considered as the announcement date and 69 weeks to be estimated from it.

If the official release of the 3rd secret in 2000 is not just a piece of the full secret but a total forgery, we might think to ask why they did so. Perhaps they are preparing for that destruction of Rome promised in the real 3rd secret? And they want to play martyrs? If it is a part of the true secret, then they want to fulfill it anyway. I do not endorse in any way the text you published, I am only commenting on it.

In connection with Petrus Romanus prophecy, the last pope reigns in an already ruined city and expects the Dreadful Judge. He doesn't die in that city beforehand; rather, he pastures the sheep in the Great Tribulation and waits for the end. Instead, the pope and bishops in the 2000 official 3rd secret text die and do not await any judge from above. So it seems those are two different popes if we are talking about a real small portion of the 3rd secret, and not of a complete forgery.

     God bless,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 25, 2013

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