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Malachi’s Prophecies & B16’s Resignation

Prophecy of the Popes

Dear TIA,

It is good to be back. Considering that Pope Benedict 16 is resigning, it comes in my mind to ask you about the prophecy of St. Malachi, if it is genuine or not.

Saint Malachi was given a vision of the last 112 popes starting from his time up to the last pope in which Rome (the seven-hilled city) will be destroyed. According to the prophecy, Pope Benedict 16 was the 111th & we are going to see fulfillment for the coming 112th pope Petrus Romanus. The prophecy can be read here.

The prophecy of the 112th is this: "In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations: and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people."

This is the last prophecy he has.

That is why I believed in the real third secret of Fatima that you have posted in which Rome also is going to be destroyed.

And history will repeat again, according to St. Matthew, the temple being destroyed before the passing of a generation (70 years):
  • Jesus' time (Jesus on passion) = Temple was destroyed before 70 AD has pass;
  • Our time (Mystical Body of Christ = Church on passion) = Temple in Vatican has to be destroyed before the passing of a generation, starting from the birth of Israel nation in 1947.
I hope you have a clear answer about the St. Malachi's prophecy.



TIA responds:

Dear R.A.,

We believe you are entitled to your opinion. The comments you made seem quite coherent, but there is a gap from making conjectures to saying that these things will actually take place. We must wait to see what will happen.

Regarding what is called the contingent future, i.e., what will happen in detail, this is known only by God and those to whom He communicates such knowledge. We can certainly guarantee you that so far we have not had this kind of communication.

Thus, we should limit ourselves to humbly making conjectures, knowing that they can be incomplete or wrong. In our opinion, yours are among the coherent conjectures that can be made.

To us what is certain - taking into consideration the prophecies of La Salette - is that we are immersed in the times that either are those of the Antichrist or those that prefigure them. It also is not difficult to see that we are in the middle of an enormous apostasy, which can very well be the Great Apostasy predicted by St. Paul (2 Tes 2) for the times of the Antichrist. If, to this we add the perspectives foreseen at Fatima of a cosmic chastisement - the twirling of the sun seems to be a symbol of it - we have a very broad and serious panorama.

lightning striking the Vatican
You mention the Prophecies of St. Malachi, which end with this coming Pope who will be elected in one month or so. Insofar as we believe in those prophecies, it makes sense to think that Rome will be destroyed soon. If we considered that yesterday, February 11, 2013, after Benedict XVI announced his resignation, lightning struck the Vatican cupola, one may interpret this as a sign of a coming destruction, confirming St. Malachi’s prediction.

Further, if one considers that in the last phase of his pontificate, Pius XII was largely preparing the progressivist onslaught that took place with John XXIII and the Council, then we have before our eyes a list of six Popes who all promoted Progressivism: Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Adding a seventh to this list, in the eventuality that the coming Pope will not be a good one, would make seven Popes who have served and helped to advance Progressivism.

Would this be the realization of St. John’s mysterious prophecy of a beast with seven heads that will appear close to the end times to destroy the Church? Who could say for sure that it is or that it is not?

You see that these conjectures, which in some way support yours, are far from being the "clear answer" you expected from us.


     TIA correspondence desk


Decay of the Religious Orders

Dear TIA,

Regarding the Spanish Religious Orders analysis, I believe you are right when you say the devastation simply cannot go on much longer without wiping all influence of the Catholic Church off the face of the earth. Yet I know of young people who fully believe things ARE getting better.

I have wondered how much more obvious the destruction has to get before they wake up out of their delusion...


Third Secret

Thank you again for allowing me and others to contribute our thoughts, opinions and questions to your very important and educational website.

When the April 2010 third secret was first made known on this site. I was immediately intrigued because the first sentence was not 'In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, etc.

Between October and December 1941 Sister Lucy wrote those words at the end her Fourth Memoir. The experts that study Fatima concluded that Lucy was apprising them that the Third Secret was concerned with faith.

It wasn't until October 1943 two years later that Bishop da Silva formally commanded Sister Lucy to put the secret in writing. She had a difficult time obeying the command until Our Lady appeared to her in an apparition on January 2, 1944 to assure her that it was God's wish.

The Third Secret was written between January 4 and January 9, 1944. It is very questionable based on the facts described above to conclude that Sister Lucy wrote the first sentence in 1941.

      Homer Sweeney

Gangnam Style Nuns & Clergy

Dear Tradition In Action,

I was reading your a recent What People Are Commenting and followed the link to the video of nuns dancing to the Gangnam Style song. I found a similar Youtube video (here), but this time of both clergy and various religious sisters dancing to the Gangnam Style song in a cause-related public performance.

Perhaps you would like to include it, along with the previous letter sender's link, in your Revolution in Pictures page. May the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary put an end to this corruption soon.

God bless you in your work!

     In Jesus and Mary,

     I.G.R., Philippines


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 12, 2013


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