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Cristina 1

When a nun leaves the convent...

On this page you see Cristina Scuccia, the ex-Suor Cristina, who when she was a nun became famous for entering Talent Show Competitions in Italy.

It was wrong of her religious superior to allow Suor Cristina to take part in those shows, but the superior was following the “adaptation to the world” commanded by Vatican II, and so she agreed.

It was wrong for this nun to leave the convent, but she had been strongly flattered and praised for her talent by those promoting the Talent Shows, and so she left.

It was a lie that her talent is the only thing that matters to embark upon a musical career in the world; in fact what is needed to move forward is to become morally corrupt, and so she became corrupted.

Today we record this next stage of her decadence: She has to reveal her upper body and legs by wearing ever bolder dresses, make sensual gestures, insinuate that she is participating in orgies and offering herself to whoever will dance with her looking for happiness, as we can see in this video, titled ‘Happiness Is a Direction’ (La felicità è una direzione).

We truly hope that this former nun will realize that the world does not care about her talent as much as she believes. What the world wants is to bring her to the lowest moral level possible because she was a Spouse of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is out of hatred for Him that they promote/degrade her.

Cristina 2

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Posted April 21, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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