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Suor Cristina

Suor Cristina joins Sister Act musical

When we consider the seriousness of the Third Commandment – “Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” – then some parts of the Sister Act films can be classified as light blasphemies.

Indeed, two of the musical scenes from Sister Act's performances – the ones featuring prayers to the Most Holy Virgin Mary – follow this rule: In the first part the religious hymn is sung soberly with a false piety; in the second part, the same music and lyrics are repeated to a crazy rock 'n' roll rhythm. The performers show a true satisfaction in transforming those holy songs into grotesque rock parodies. See an example here.

On January 4, 2016, the media reported that Suor Cristina, the Italian Ursuline who won an Italian TV musical competition in 2014, will appear in the musical stage production of the hit movie Sister Act. The opening presentation will be in December 2016 in Rome.

It is the bad marriage of apostasy with blasphemy. Something one could expect from a conciliar nun.


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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 17, 2016

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Our Lady of La Salette,
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