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Suor Cristina Masonic handshake 1

Is Suor Cristina giving a Masonic handshake?

Freemasonry has different handshakes that allows their members to recognize one another. One of them is that which Suor Cristina is giving to Pope Francis, above, in their encounter at St. Peter's Square on December 10, 2014. She maintained her finger in that characterisitc position on the Pope's wrist for some time.

Is she a Freemason and was she checking Francis' response? Or was it just a coincidence? Favoring the first hypothesis, we note that in her presentations she has the habit of using her fingers to send symbolic messages to her audiences, second to fourth rows.

In the fifth row, we see Pope Bergoglio giving a Masonic handshake to his fellow Argentine Carlos Jose Nanez, Archbishop of Cordoba; sixth and seventh rows, known politicians giving the same handshake of recognition to one another.

In any circunstance, this encounter was a way Francis found to show his support for the Rock-Nun, who has become a controversial subject in many Catholic milieus.
Suor Cristina Masonic handshake 2 Freemasonic handshake

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Posted January 25, 2015

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Our Lady of La Salette,
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