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Redemptorists nuns dancing 1

The dancing Irish Redemptorists

Falling for the latest dance craze Jerusalema, the cloistered Redemptorist nuns of St. Alphonsus Convent in Drumcondra, Dublin, resolved to dance it and film their performance in different rooms of their Convent.

They invited the Redemptorist priests of Scala, Cork, Ireland, to jump and jive to the same rhythm and add their video footage to their effort. Finally, they also asked an Irish Redemptorist missionary priest in Fortaleza, Brazil – the tall priest dancing on the beach – to join the group.

So, the result is that we have a good documentary of how the Irish daughters and sons of St. Alphonsus of Ligouri have abandoned his seriousness and apostatized from their vocation of shouldering the Cross as an example for society. Instead, they chose to fit into the world and add to its frivolity and sensuality.

Redemptorist nuns dancing 2 Redemptorist nuns & priests dancing

Redemptorist nuns & priests dancing

Redemptorist nuns & priests dancing Redemptorist nuns Ireland

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Posted March 21, 2021

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.