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Magnet Hydrogels & Scrupulous Anonymous

The Role of Magnet Hydrogels

Dear TIA,

Confirming that the vaccines contain elements that come together inside your body to form a receptor/transmitter which can be controlled by someone else, this article about the role of magnet hydrogels is quite important.

These data added to how vaccines trigger the production of spike proteins, which in turn go on to strengthen the potential deadly diseases each one of us carries in his body, make a picture that shows the real intention of the oligarchy claiming for mandatory vaccination.

Its intention is to produce the genocide of many and the control of the few left alive.

Not a rosy perspective…

When will a Nuremberg Tribunal will be established to judge/punish these crimes against humanity?



Good Queen, Bad Queen


Re: Queen Elizabeth II

Thanks for your always interesting articles.

I had been thinking about the rainbow at QEII death:

"When she died, rainbows appeared in the sky above Balmoral Castle in Scotland, as well as above Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace in London. Should we consider this as just a coincidence? Or see in it a sign of Heaven showing the world that she accomplished something pleasing to God? No one can give a straight answer to this question."

The rainbow after the Great Flood was a promise by God never to inflict that particular chastisement on humanity again. These rainbows you mention were at her death, not birth or coronation. (That we know of)

In her 70 year reign the formerly Great Britain was totally changed and not for the better.

She gave royal assent to many evil laws including same sex marriage and abortion.

It is said that since giving royal assent to abortion in 1967, there have been at the very minimum 10 MILLION souls killed by abortion in the UK.

I cannot possibly think that that or many other bad laws passed during her reign could be pleasing to God.

I do not believe that she ever considered becoming Catholic when I consider all the anti-Catholic behaviors that went on in the British Monarchy.

Monarchs could not even marry Catholics (although they could marry anyone else, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, satanist - no problem) until about 10 years ago. But even then, the Catholic spouse would never be allowed to reign and the children if becoming Catholic could never inherit the crown. The children had to remain Protestant.


     G.W., Great Britain


Lourdes, a Green Village


Lourdes, as was aptly put in this video, “now belongs to Francis.” Sadly Catholic pundits are still not talking about Lourdes.

Lourdes is now being transformed into a Laudato Si village and every corner is covered with the Green Gospel which is the New World Order Religion, and Pope Francis is the Patron Saint of the Environment.

Even Protestant Evangelicals can see through the demonic activities of Pope Francis against humanity which, sadly, most Catholics cannot see and therefore they still continue to adulate him and go to Rome and take selfies with him.

Can we really blame the ordinary gullible Catholics who are being misled by controlled opposition media like the CIC conference of The Remnant where Michael Matt kept referring to Pope Francis as “The Holy Father?” What is holy and what is fatherly about Francis who is ravaging and burning down the Catholic Church with every strength he’s got left until his last breath?

Green Gospel: The New World Religion

The serpent of Eden has entered Lourdes through the son of the devil, Pope Francis ... .

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Help us Catholics to fight and win against Francis and the Globalists like the way you helped the Catholics win against the Muslims in the Battle of Lepanto. (Today’s feast day)

My soul doth magnify the Lord. He hath done great things to me and holy is his name.



Scrupulous Anonymous

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

In one of my previous emails, I mentioned that progressivists have co-opted the term "scrupulous." Sadly, the label has become a way to insult traditionally-minded Catholics and dismiss their concerns as unreasonable or even a sign of mental illness. According to progressivists, any thought given to avoiding mortal sin is automatically unhealthy.

With this in mind, I would like to warn your readers about Scrupulous Anonymous, a progressivist "ministry" run by the Redemptorists. I first encountered their website several years ago, during a time when I was genuinely struggling with scruples. The site did not prove to be helpful or comforting--on the contrary, it only furthered my confusion, as I simply could not believe the advice I was receiving.

Since gaining a better understanding of Church teaching, I have come to see that much of what this website promotes is either directly heretical or deliberately ambiguous. Therefore, I believe it does much damage to the souls who come seeking good orientation. Here are some recent examples from the question-and-answer section of their website.

10/01/2021: "Stop judging your confession as either good or bad. Judge it rather as an experience of God's grace and love. The sacrament of penance is a gift from God, and encounter with our loving Redeemer, and the experience of his merciful grace. How can anyone judge a gift from God in any way other than good?"

02/01/2022: "It is not sinful to refer to transgender people with their preferred pronouns. It is respectful of their personhood as a child of God. Why would you freely choose to disrespect another person who is already struggling with something that is serious and difficult?"

06/03/2022: (When asked whether it is acceptable to attend the wedding of a Catholic who is marrying outside the Church) "You may go to this important event. Your attendance does not 'give permission' or encourage your brother's choice. It supports him at an important time in his life and in the life of your family."

10/01/2022: (When asked about having "erotic feelings when I am with a person I love") "You are not committing any kind of sin. You are experiencing a gift that God created for human beings. Be grateful! Have no fear. Those feelings mean you are alive and capable of loving."

Scrupulous Anonymous mentions that many Saints, such as St. Alphonsus Liguori and St. Therese of the Child Jesus, famously suffered from scruples. This is true; however, the Saints would have been horrified to see this website. Scrupulosity can never be an excuse to bypass the teachings of the Church. Like all other temptations, it is a reason to cling more closely to Holy Mother Church. This is certainly what the Saints did.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 11, 2022

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