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Flamenco, Scruples & ‘Blessed’ Acutis

A Simple Thank You


Several times throughout the year I have wanted badly to give something to you to support the cause, which is fighting for the Counter-Revolution of the Church and consequently in the world, but sadly I lack the ability to do so.

But remembering someone's wise words, I forgot whose, "Gratitude is never wasted," I decided to write this simple letter of thanks.

The content of this site and the newsletter I receive everyday have helped me to understand what I've been missing from my life, something I always knew was there, but never knew what exactly: tradition. And even if I can't celebrate all of the traditions I have found now, I will hold them in my heart for the future.

     Thank you for everything and God bless you all,



Flamenco x Bullfight


Re: Christmas Flamenco Mass in Malaga

I'm against the Flamenco mass but I'm in favor of the bullfight mass to scare off the dancers.



Misuse of the Term 'Scruples'

Dear TIA,

Though progressivists attempt to change Church teaching, they know instinctively that this is impossible. In an attempt to quell their guilty consciences, some people have begun labeling everything as "scrupulosity." For instance, here is an excerpt from former Catholic Answers writer Michelle Arnold's article "Opinion: My Confession of Catholic Doubt and Holding Door Open to Jesus."

"As bad as the pandemic has been, the one silver lining was that the dispensation meant I wasn’t tortured by religious scruples/Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder symptoms every time I chose not to go to Mass on Sundays and holy days."

Progressivists like Arnold are completely ignoring the real definition of scrupulosity. Instead, they use this guise of "mental illness" as a convenient excuse not to seek the clarity and peace that come from living out the traditional faith.

     In Maria,



‘I Took Offense at Your Position on ‘Blessed’ Carlo Acutis’


I am writing to comment on the doubt the article has cast on the validity of beatifying Carlo Acutis. Yes, the young boy used the tools of today, i.e., internet, jeans, etc. but he elevated their use for holy accomplishments and that in of itself is a good thing and is an example to the youth of today about what can be done with these modern day tools whether the old way is better or not, is not the point.

He was living in the modern day with the advancements of today and did amazingly good and pious work with them and as for his dress, he was dressed modestly whereas so many who wear today’s attire are not and do not send out the same message, so I take offense as you put him in a category with a label on it and he obviously does not deserve it.

This young man brought out the miracles of the EUCHARIST to share with the world in all age groups, but that doesn’t seem to be credible enough for you or whoever is in charge of this terrible posting.

You need to redact [= retract from] this or show how he is not worthy.


TIA responds:


We are sorry that you took offense at our posting by one of our readers that made a slight criticism questioning whether or not Carlo Acutis should be considered a Blessed of the Catholic Church. Supposing that you are one of those wise persons – each day more rare – who places reason above emotions, we will enter into the matter you proposed.

First, we at TIA have the same doubt as that reader. So, we endorse that light criticism and will assist you in your request for proof that he should not be included among the ranks of the Catholic Blessed.

Second, for almost 2,000 years the Catholic Church presented her Saints and Blesseds as models that the faithful should follow in order to save their souls and reach Heaven. Now then, the criteria for someone to enter the category of model is that he or she must be an example of all the virtues.

If a candidate to these titles would not be an example of even one of the virtues, he or she would be excluded from the processes of beatification or canonization. The processes in the past had to rigorously scrutinize the entire life of the candidate to see if any point, even the smallest, could lead someone to not see in him a model of virtue and doctrine. This was the role of the advocate who searched for every possible deviation from virtue or doctrine, who became vulgarly known as the "devil's advocate." Those strict processes would prevent the faithful from following a person who had any wrong behavior or held any faulty doctrine in his lifetime.

This does not mean that the Church would consider that candidate for beatification as unworthy of going to Heaven, far from that. The Church always rejoiced with the sinners who repented and attained eternal salvation.

Now then, one of the essential Catholic virtues is purity. One of the great stimuli to impurity is to present oneself fully naked or semi-naked as Carlo Acutis was in that photo. So, according to the mind of the Church, that young man should not be presented as a Blessed.

Third, you argue that he was habitually modest. We did not have the leisure to study his life, but we are willing to admit the truth of your statement. Even if he normally would dress modestly, if sometimes he did not – as in that photo – he should not be presented as a Blessed. If this criterion is not rigorous, the elevation of a person to the glory of the altars loses its meaning. If this were the case, the Catholic Church would fall to the level of false religions that make saints of persons who were alcoholics, immoral and even assassins.

Fourth, the fact that a person lives in our times does not mean that the criteria for analyzing his sanctity should be softened or that many bad things we erroneously consider as normal should be tolerated. To the contrary, those who love God above all things and want to save their souls have the difficult duty of going against the revolutionary modern tide. This is why Our Lady in Fatima stressed the need for prayer and penance to make reparation for the growing immorality and relaxation of customs that already existed in 1917. How much more would she have to complain about the customs of our days!

Fifth, the fact that the post-conciliar Popes abolished many rules of the processes of beatification and canonization does not speak in favor of the liberalization of those criteria. It speaks of the plan of Progressivism, of which the six last Popes were/are partisans, to destroy that magnificent centuries-old system of canonization and beatification. Their goal is to raze the bastions that separated the Catholic Church from Protestantism, the Greek Schismatics and other false religions.

The number of false blessed and saints has greatly increased as we see traitors, communists, socialists, Freemasons, heretics and even homosexuals who are being declared blessed and saints by the Conciliar Popes in order to do away with the past glory of Catholic sanctity.

This is what we have to say in order to prove that Carlo Acutis should not be included in the list of the Catholic Blessed.

Nonetheless, we hope that he saved his soul. If by chance he is in Purgatory, he can count on our constant prayers for the Poor Souls, for whom we have a great care and sincere pity.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 4, 2022

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