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Dos and Don’ts in Photos
funeral Princess ann in military uniform

Don't wear pants on solemn occasions, ladies

The use of pants by women is condemned by the Church, based on Sacred Scripture (Deut 22:5). TIA has discussed this topic several times and here is not the place to return to it.

Today, we want to point out a flagrant breaking of this principle by Princess Anne during the ceremonies for Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral. The Queen's daughter made a point to appear in pants as part of her military uniform.

We know that Princess Anne is an honorary Colonel of the Blues and Royals, which is a Cavalry Regiment of the British Army. But the fact that she holds this title does not justify her wearing pants.

Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II, her mother, was the Commander-in-Chief of the whole British Military Forces and always wore a long skirt on ceremonial occasions, instead of pants.

So, the fact that Princess Anne appeared in masculine trousers must be attributed to her personal choice. It is difficult to avoid saying that she did this to promote Feminism.

Someone could present as a mitigating reason that Princess Anne has been doing this for a long time, since she habitually wears trousers when she appears in her military uniform.

We would answer: The habit of doing something wrong for a long time does not absolve a person from causing scandal when he does that thing on a very solemn occasion in the sight of the whole world. If, for example a man has had the vice of getting drunk for a long time, this does not excuse him from causing scandal when he shows up in that condition at the funeral of his mother.

Likewise, the fact that Princess Anne habitually wears masculine pants when she dresses in her military uniform does not absolve her from showing disrespect and promoting Feminism at the Queen's Funeral.

It was a symbolic landmark that those who cherish Christian Civilization and Monarchical Traditions should regret.

Do not wear pants on solemn occasions, ladies

Elaine Jordan

Princess Anne wearing pants at Queen's Funeral

funeral princess anne vigil of the princes

Above, Princess Anne boldly stands in her manly pants
in the Vigil of the Princes at St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland

queen elizabeth trooping of colors

Queen Elizabeth in military uniform  on different occasions of the Trooping of the Colors,
always riding sidesaddle in a long dark navy skirt

Queen Elizabeth wearing skirts in military unifrorm


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 10, 2022

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