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Dos and Don’ts in Photos
Queen Elizabeth at age 5

Do teach your children to have a noble composure

Today we have the false notion that children must be spontaneous and free of social rules in order to be happy both now and in their future lives. This was never true. Such behavior generates insecurity and nervousness.

In the past when society was much happier and more stable than today, children were composed and well-groomed. They prepared themselves to enter the adult world by calmly contemplating the things and the people around them and modeling themselves after them.

Above, we see Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen of England, as a bridesmaid at the wedding of Lady May Cambridge in 1931, when she was 5 years old. She was clearly calm and composed, conscious of her own dignity and the serious role in life she was given. With this approach she was preparing herself to accept the life of an English noblewoman; thus she was prepared to take the unexpected path of becoming a Queen, which she was called to walk after her uncle Edward VIII abdicated and her father George VI died.

Her seriousness, which does not exclude amiability – see photo below – gives us the impression that we are facing a small adult. In her physiognomy there is no trace of revolt against authority or irritation to be wearing formal clothing. She is calm, secure and content in the role she is playing. She is a model that shows how the modern spontaneity imposed on children is wrong.

Do teach your children to have a noble composure.

Elaine Jordan

Queen Elizabeth at age 5


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 17, 2021

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