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Dos and Don’ts in Photos
Prince Emmanuele Filiberto de Savoia

Don't look like a clown in public

Above, you see the presumptive heir to the throne of Italy, Prince of Venice, Emmanuele Filiberto de Savoia.

He is participating in the show Un Air de Star, which aired on the French television channel M6 in 2013. A group of three judges decides which performer makes the best impersonation of a music star or celebrity. The winner of the competition receives a money award that is given to a charitable organization.

The final goal is laudable. But, it is not equally praiseworthy to have dignified persons – at least, that is what the Prince of Venice should be – degrading themselves and looking like clowns trying to impersonate this or that rock or television star.

In this case, the inconvenience escalates since we know that the personage Prince Filiberto is imitating is British singer Elton John, who is a flamboyant homosexual "married" to another man.

Thus, Prince Filiberto should not have presented himself in this way out of care for his own dignity. He should neither look like a clown trying to make others laugh at him nor promote a vice that is against nature.

Don't make yourself look like a clown in public

Elaine Jordan

Un air de star;

Photo from Point de Vue, May 29, 2013


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 24, 2019

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