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Dos and Don’ts in Photos

Georges Bush with Nicolas Sarkozy 

Don’t Forget Your Necktie When You Are Invested in Dignity

In our modern world, dressing well has all but vanished in the everyday public sphere. It is no wonder that we find most people clad in casual and sloppy attire when our political leaders, who should be examples of propriety in dress, are in fact leading the way in the “casual revolution.” Above is a perfect example of this, as you see former presidents George Bush (U.S.) and Nicolas Sarkozy (France) fraternizing on the beach with no neckties.

One of the main goals of the Revolution was to do away with any and all symbols of class distinction. The necktie, with its roots going back to the 17th century in France, has long since been a symbol of dignity and elevated social rank for men. An article of decorum rather than prosaic practicality, neckties have always communicated a sense of respect and gentility. For this reason, the necktie has become a target for the revolutionaries’ hatred.

One might argue that because they are at the beach, more casual clothing is appropriate and permissible. Not so: When the leaders of two important countries meet in public, it is appropriate for them to dress with respect for their own positions. At the same time, they show a respect for the other's position as well. Today we see good customs and self dignity sacrificed for the sake of comfort and egalitarianism.

Below, you see many examples of heads of States in casual situations wearing their ties, as they should.

In the first row are English Prime Minister Winston Churchill fishing with President Franklin Roosevelt; in the second row you see President John Kennedy with ex-President Dwight Eisenhower walking in the woods of Camp David; in the third row is politician Charles de Gaulle, future French President, on a beach; in the last row is German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer at a farm with a sheep.

These photos prove that it is not necessary to wear sloppy clothing when you are in casual situations.

In order to fight the modern day revolution in dress and advance the counter-revolution,

Don’t forget your tie when you are invested in dignity.

Kaede Lira

 Heads of States wearing formal clothing in casual circumstances

Photos from Jean Gaumy (Magnum Photos) & Internet


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 9, 2017

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