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Dos and Don’ts in Photos

Swedish royalty posing with band members of KISS

Don't promote Satanic rock bands

Today many young royals of the remaining monarchies are trying to become more popular by making inadmissible concessions to modernity.

Above, we see the heiress of the Swedish Crown, Princess Victoria, accompanied by her husband Prince Daniel and their 5-year-old daughter Princess Estelle, being photographed with the members of KISS rock band. On May 6, 2017, the family attended a rock concert in Stockholm and, at its end, greeted the band members. This photo was taken on that occasion.

As it is known, the acronym KISS stands for Knights in Satan's Service. In the lyrics of their songs, their allegiance to Satan is notorious (click here for more details). Below, we see a photo of Princess Estelle at that concert making the sign of Satan worship, an "in" gesture at rock concerts.

How can Satanism and good formation of children fit together? Quite simply, they cannot. What do rock 'n roll and monarchy have in common? In truth, absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately, in these photos we are witnessing the shameless policy of representatives of monarchy doing whatever it takes to make themselves popular. In fact the opposite is true.

These royal elites seem condemned to disappear, not because monarchy per se is not popular, but because their representatives are not convinced of the principles they represent and do not love them as they should.

The heirs of the Swedish Crown are an expressive example of what we should not do, even if we are on a much more modest social scale.

Don't promote Satanic rock bands.

Elaine Jordan

Princess Estelle of Sweden and a friend making satanic hand gestures with black stars on their faces

Princess Estelle, at right, wearing a KISS shirt, her eye covered with a black KISS star as she poses making the sign of Satan

Photos from KISS/Twitter


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 3, 2018

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