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King Juan Carlos of Spain kissing the hand of Benedict XVI

Do kiss the hand of the Pope
Above we see King Juan Carlos of Spain, one of the most prestigious Monarchs of our times, paying a homage of respect and submission to the Sovereign Pontiff in the person of Benedict XVI. On the arrival of the Pope at the Barajas Airport in Madrid on August 18, 2011, the King welcomes him and pays his respects by kissing the Pope's hand.

Notwithstanding the fact that both the Pope and the King of Spain have points open to criticism, this homage is still reminiscent of old Catholic Spain in its fidelity to the Church.

When a King kisses the hand or the ring of the Pope, he implicitly affirms the superiority of the Vicar of Christ over himself and, by extension, over any temporal Monarch in the world. This is why we counter-revolutionaries are pleased with the gesture; this is also why Socialist Prime Minister Zapatero observes the scene with hatred, as shown above.

Below, King Juan Carlos repeats the same salutation when the Pope arrives at La Zarzuela Palace on August 19, 2011. Queen Sofia, less emphatically, pays her respect with a gracious reverence.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet the Pope, imitate these noble examples: Do kiss the hand of the Pope.

Elaine M. Jordan
Queen Sofia and king Juan Carlos reverencing the Pope

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 12, 2011

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