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Dos and Don’ts in Photos
denmark royals national costumes

Do encourage the use of traditional folk dress

Above, we see Crown Prince Frederick, heir to the Danish throne (second from the left), in a traditional costume for the national holiday Ólavsøka. At right is his wife, Crown Princess Mary, with their children Prince Christian and Princess Isabella.

National holidays are good opportunities for royal families to wear the traditional costumes of their countries. This pleases the people and makes them feel represented by their royal families in what is more authentic and charming in their countries.

Below, we have another good example. We see Swedish Crown Princess Victoria (center) in traditional dress carrying her daughter Princess Estelle. Her mother Queen Silvia (at right) and her sister Princess Madelaine also wear the same dress. They are commemorating the Swedish National Day.

Such use of traditional dress by royal families stimulates a healthy patriotism and deepens the bond between the people and their King and Queen. Far from being disdained, this tradition is raising enthusiasm in both the people and the younger generation of royals in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

These are models for us to follow, by adopting and encouraging the customs and traditions of our heritage. We should also commemorate the special feasts of our country by wearing traditional costumes.

Do encourage the use of traditional folk dress.

Elaine Jordan

sweeish princesses queen in national dress princess victoria drum line


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 16, 2021

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