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Dos and Don’ts in Photos
Movie stars wearing suit and tie 1

Do wear a suit & tie often

Let us make a reasoning together. You gentlemen, like most Americans, follow the new and old movies of Hollywood as entertainment. You consider prestigious what the movie heroes consider so.

Now then, when the movie stars have to play an important and respectable role, they wear a suit and tie. This is not only in the movie scenes. In their normal life, when they appear for special occasions they also wear this apparel.

So, you, who want to appear like the movie stars and be considered by your friends and clients as serious and respectable, should imitate them in this particular elegant way of dressing.

Besides, if you use a suit and tie, you will impart a tone of class to yourself and your family and help restore the dignity of social life that the Revolution always tries to eradicate.

To dissipate any doubts you may have, please check on this page how many of the movie stars corroborate what I just said.

Do wear a suit & tie often.

Elaine Jordan

Movie stars wearing suit and tie 2 Movie stars wearing suit and tie 3

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 19, 2020

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