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Dos and Don’ts in Photos
A young girl doing a curtsy for queen Elizabeth II

Do Show Respect to Your Superiors

In an age where egalitarian brusqueness reigns, here we find a beautiful example of reverence from the unlikeliest of individuals – a petite, young girl showing respect in the presence of Queen Elizabeth of England.

While the other adult and children show a polite and mediocre correctness for the Queen as she passes by, this small girl expresses her veneration for the Queen by bowing her head and holding out her charming dress with both hands. Accepting her deference, the Queen turns her head to look at her. The reward? A pleasant smile in appreciation from the Queen, who even inclines forward a bit to observe such a delightful gesture.

Although a curtsy would be more appropriate (bending the left leg behind the right), the girl instinctively knew that one must pay homage to her superior, and especially when she is the Queen..In times past, women of all ages would curtsy to a superior, elder or noble. The lifting of the dress is demonstrative of the singular femininity unique to the curtsy… it would be quite difficult to do in slacks!

The curtsy makes a stark contrast with the American handshake, given freely by both men and women.

Of even greater merit is the fact that this young girl made this gesture of respect without regard to the standard republican correctness shown by the others.

Do show respect to your superiors.

Salma Bachar

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August --, 2017

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