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Massacres at Bucha & X-Ray on LA Clergy

Paul VI Was Bragging


Re: Sodomite pop star sings for Pope

This is beyond deplorable and disgusting. One of the sins that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. It is as diabolical as exhibiting an abortion with Francis applauding.

When will the Novus Ordo followers realize and recognize that when he said "the smoke of Satan has entered the church", Pope Paul VI was not warning, he was bragging. And it is past time to get out and find and practice the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Faith of the true Roman Catholic Church of Christ.

Hope springs eternal. One has to believe it in these times.

Lord help and guide us.



The Fish & the Head


Re: Blanco sings for the Pope

The fish rots from the head down.



Pope Gone Blanco?


Re: Blanco sings for the Pope

Well... the Pope has just discovered the great prevention for anyone becoming Catholic.

Blanco a good model for Catholic youth?

I'd like to see how many reasons can be given by the Vatican to support this thought.

Thank you for what you cover and make us aware of.



Massacres in Bucha


Are these people in the photos below victims of Covid? Absolutely not!

They are civilians from the Ukrainian city of Bucha crudely massacred by the bloodthirsty Russian army. It is one of the many massacres commanded by the sinister Vladimir Putin, who until not long ago enjoyed the sympathy of many who today become horrified seeing these photos and who had considered him a paladin in defense of the family - there are even Catholics dedicated to defend him.

What was the crime committed by these people to be annihilated this way? They simply wanted to be free, having their nation independent and autonomous.

But the communists only understand liberty when it serves their own interests and intend to subjugate again the nations that had been freed from the ex-Soviet Union.

Let us pray incessantly for Ukraine. For the Russian invaders to be defeated and expelled.

Let us pray for the conversion of Russia and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary over Communism and the Anti-Christian Revolution.


To beg for the immediate liberation of Ukraine and for the defeat of abortion, violence and the banditry in Ecuador.

     Juan Cornejo, Guayaquil, Ecuador

     Lay Apostolate OF Our Lady of Good Success

Bucha Massacre

Bucha Massacre

Bucha Massacre

Bucha Massacre


X-Ray on the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Dear TIA,

This is the report we just published on [Archbishop| Jose Gomez. I hope you find it relevant and post it for your followers.

Feel free to publish it on your website.

     Clean the Church

Archbishop Jose Gomez: Weak, Incompetent or Evil?

Archbishop Gomez

Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles,
president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

It was the week after Easter 2010 when the news broke that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles was finally getting rid of Card. Roger Mahony, who had ruled the Archdiocese for over 20 years and was single-handedly responsible for a great majority of clergy child abuse cases in Southern California.

The news said that we were getting an “Opus Dei” priest to be the next Archbishop. At this point, I thought that “Opus Dei” was a conservative, traditional order. It was a reason for celebration that unfortunately lasted a very short time.

The Archdiocese was in a dire need of someone that would bring leadership and order. Parties and reception dinners and luncheons to welcome the new Archbishop were taking place all over Los Angeles. We all wanted to meet the new Archbishop and welcome him with open arms and hope.

I was personally invited to a lavish dinner reception at the Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica and that is where I first met Jose. This is where and when our expectations of hope were literally “shattered”. The new Archbishop, Jose Gomez was not what we were hoping for.

We saw an effeminate, weak, soft-spoken man with no visible leadership skills. His English was and still is terrible. He could not even properly pronounce the word “Church”. His speech was incoherent and quite frankly embarrassing. He was accompanied by his priest secretary, a man who looked and acted extremely and unapologetically effeminate too. Everyone at that dinner was disappointed, to say the least.

At this dinner reception, after his monotonous speech, he allowed for questions from the audience. After 5 or 6 questions, one of the attendants stood up and asked Jose; “What are you going to do with the active homosexual and corrupt priests in the Archdiocese?”

To which he replied: “They are my brothers, and it is my job to protect my brothers.” There was complete and uncomfortable silence after this answer. No one asked for clarification. We knew we were in trouble and the infestation of the Church was going to continue. Most of us walked out after Gomez’ answer with our heads down. Some were in tears.

Fast forward to March 2022. Gomez is now the president of the corrupt US Conference of Catholic Bishops (still cannot pronounce “Church”). The Archdiocese is facing hundreds if not thousands of sexual abuse lawsuits, Mahony and his team of homosexual priests, lawyers, and donors are still in charge. The current rector of St. John’s Seminary is a homosexual predator and an estimated 70% of priests and 4 of the 5 auxiliary bishops in the Archdiocese are allegedly active homosexuals celebrating and freely promoting the sin of sodomy.

To top it off, Gomez orchestrated and approved the systematic extortion of millions of dollars from the Federal Payroll Protection Plan while hoarding over $700 million dollars in cash reserves. We will talk about Gomez’ $500 million “called to renew” scam on another occasion.

It is clear, Jose Gomez has one master: Roger Mahony

On January 31, 2013; Jose Gomez publicly relieved Mahony and Mahony’s “fixer” bishop Thomas Curry of all duties for covering up for sexually abusive priests. Exactly 36 hours later, Gomez reinstated Mahony as he quickly found out that he did not have the hierarchal powers to “fire” a cardinal. Mahony then used his red hat to reinstate his boyfriend, Curry.

While Gomez may not have had the powers or authority to get rid of a cardinal, as cardinals report only to the Pope, Gomez DID and does have the power to remove administrative personnel, auxiliary bishops, and priests who were part of the organized crime ring. Gomez failed to remove anyone who helped Mahony and Curry cover up hundreds of sex abuse cases.

Namely, Gomez failed to fire the gang that Mahony hired including the Archdiocese attorney, Margaret Graf (the queen of darkness), The CFO,was Randy Steiner who was in charge of hiding all the Archdiocese assets from the victims, and the two outside attorneys Michael Hennigan and Lee Potts. Hennigan and Potts kept Mahony out of jail while destroying the victims and intimidating every witness during the first batch of sexual abuse lawsuits in 2002-2006.

These people are today still working for the Archdiocese and defending Mahony and Gomez. Hennigan and Potts made millions the first time and remain today the lead attorneys defending Mahony, the Archdiocese, and St. John’s Seminary at a rate of over $1500/hour each.

According to our sources inside the Archdiocese, it is apparent that Gomez works for and reports to Mahony, Graf, Hennigan, and Potts. They tell us that it is quite unsettling to see how Gomez obeys these evildoers and bows down to Graf and Mahony. At meetings and events, we are told, Mahony and Graf come in first. Gomez comes in after them and Mahony sits at the head of the table.

Mahony strikes back – St. John’s Seminary

One of Gomez’s broken promises was to clean St. John’s Seminary, a cesspool where more than 4% of its alumni have been convicted and more than 15% credibly accused of sexual abuse or rape of minors. Today, there are several reports of sexual harassment and rape as recently as 2019. Gomez is covering crimes that have happened and are happening under his watch.

Shortly after the Gomez/Mahony charade in 2013, Mahony clearly came back with absolute power and took back the Archdiocese. He started placing his closest friends in the right positions while Gomez was busy meeting and apologizing to the elite LGBT community in Los Angeles for having offended their champion.

Because Mahony’s credibility was somehow tarnished by Gomez’s failed and spontaneous coup d’état, he needed to be sure that everyone knew that he was still in charge, and he moved quickly. Mahony created a new position and appointed one of his loyal boyfriends, Marc Trudeauvicar forane” (a priest in charge of a subdivision of a diocese called a forane). Trudeau was given a new car and an unlimited expense account to roam around the Archdiocese. His job was to wine and dine priests and let every priest know that Mahony was still in charge while undermining Gomez’ authority.

Trudeau was making clear to every priest that Mahony was still the “king” (or queen) of Los Angeles. I personally saw Trudeau at parishes, camps, and schools during the 2013 and 2014 periods. He was everywhere. I once sat next to Trudeau at a lunch event with other priests and saw how he would brandish pictures of Mahony and Pope Francis to make clear that Mahony had the full and unwavering support of the newly appointed Pope.

For his faithful servitude, Mahony then rewarded Trudeau and named him rector of St. John’s Seminary. Here, Mahony had once again full control of the recruiting and formation of new priests and deacons. A seminarian told me that Mahony would refer to the seminary as his “buffet” and he would order Trudeau to send seminarians to his house and his Yosemite mountain cabin to spend the night with him.

Fr. Gerson Espinoza

Fr. Gerson Espinoza

During Trudeau’s tenure as rector (July 2014 to July 2018), Mahony recruited homosexual men from Colombia, Mexico, and other Latin American countries for the seminary. Trudeau also admitted a convicted human and drug smuggler (“coyote”). Most of these men are now priests in the Archdiocese and were placed in affluent parishes after their ordination.

One of these men, Gerson Espinoza, a Colombian, is now the director of youth ministry for the diocese of Monterey, California. Two other men, who allegedly have been in a sexual relationship during their seminary years and currently, Michael Mesa and Justin Oh, are also in wealthy parishes around Los Angeles. The “coyote” was sent back to Mexico as he was not able to secure a work visa due to his prior criminal record. This list goes on and on.

In 2018, Mahony/Gomez made Marc Trudeau an auxiliary bishop and placed him in one of the most LGBT-friendly parishes in the Archdiocese.

Fr. Marco Durazo

Fr. Marco Durazo

Mahony/Gomez later appointed another one of Mahony’s comrades to the rector position at the seminary, a flamboyant, and blatantly gay man, Marco Durazo. Durazo has earned the code-name or nickname amongst priests and seminarians of “La Doña” (the lady). Durazo was credibly accused of sexual harassment in 2021 and was never placed on leave as no investigation was ever conducted by the Archdiocese attorney Margaret Graf. Durazo appears to be untouchable, and we understand that there are plans to ship him back to Mexico when he gets indicted. Unfortunately, the seminarians that raised the accusations are missing.

A Gay or Gay-Friendly Archbishop?

Is Archbishop Jose Gomez gay? Well, based on observations, interviews with people who know him, and his own actions, it is reasonable for anyone to assume that he is. It is no secret however and we can say with the highest level of certainty that he is shamelessly gay-friendly and has, to our knowledge, never publicly denounced the sin of homosexuality. (If it walks like a duck…)

A male same-sex couple and their son deliver gifts to the Altar

A male same-sex couple and their son deliver gifts to the Altar – REC 2016

It is also quite unsettling to see Jose Gomez’ actions and inactions when we question the homosexual situation among clergy and administrative personnel in the Archdiocese. It is very disturbing to see Gomez surrounded by gay men and lesbian women at all times.

During a very public and visible mass during the 2016 Religious Education Congress, Gomez chose a same-sex male “married” couple to bring the gifts to the altar while 4 lesbians were dancing and covering the altar with tablecloths. He allows Fr. James Martin and Bishop Robert Barron to publicly promote sodomy at this event every year. (He also allowed Mahony to teach a class on how undocumented immigrants can avoid authorities).

It is a gay world for Gomez!

Gomez’ current priest secretary, Fr. Raymont “Rey” Medina, the man whom he lives and travels with, was given the nickname of “La Chaparrita” (the short girl) by his fellow seminarians.

Gomez’ prior priest secretary, Fr. Brian Castaneda, was seen picking up gay magazines at a local barbershop that caters to the LGBT community in 2015. He was placed as pastor of St. Gregory the Great, Whittier, shortly after this incident was reported. Gomez’ secretary at the USCCB, Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill, was fired for engaging in serial homosexual misconduct last year.

Gomez’ LA office is staffed with men and women in same-sex “marriages”. Margaret Graf’s own son is gay and allegedly “married” to another man, and we have received unconfirmed allegations that Graf may be a lesbian herself. Allegedly, outside counsel, Lee Potts is also a homosexual (he does look and act gay).

Gomez’ closest non-clergy friends Brian W. Matthews, Doug Brown, and other Opus Dei friends are allegedly homosexual men.

Let’s assume for a minute that Gomez is not gay. His fraternal love for his fellow co-workers and staff is certainly shadowing his views. One person close to him told me that “Gomez wears rainbow glasses” referring to the way he sees and approves of homosexuality. It is a gay world for Jose Gomez, indeed.

According to Canon Law, it is our right and duty to manifest to the sacred pastors our opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful. Promoting, celebrating, and at times encouraging the sin of homosexuality is certainly a matter of grave importance.

We have reported over 10 cases of adult sexual harassment and abuse and one of rape by clergy members, we have sent numerous certified letters, and emails to Jose Gomez. We have called Gomez’ office hundreds of times. Not only has Gomez ignored our communications, but he also had us physically and violently removed from the Cathedral grounds when we respectfully tried to talk to him and deliver a petition signed by over 8,000 faithful in the Archdiocese.

Is Archbishop Jose Gomez weak, incompetent, or evil? Well, he appears weak, incompetent, and dumb, but the more we analyze his behaviors, the more we think this is just an act. Playing dumb has worked very well for Mahony and Gomez may be following his master’s teachings. Jose Gomez’ actions are evil, and he is now complicit in aiding and abetting criminals. For that, we can categorically say that Archbishop Jose Gomez is a criminal!

His actions are creating scandals. His actions and inactions will cost the faithful millions of dollars in settlements from the current wave of sexual abuse lawsuits and RICO lawsuits and the worst part, the loss of many more souls.

Unfortunately, we are just scratching the surface.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 28, 2022

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