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Archbishop Gomez Educational Congress in LA 01

Archbishop José Gomez' Educational Congress in L.A.
As soon as it was reported that Benedict XVI had named Archbishop José Horacio Gomez as Coadjutor Archbishop of the Los Angeles Archdiocese (April 2010), rumors began to spread that he would change the extreme progressivist line of Cardinal Roger Mahony in everything. Conservatives, the easiest type of person to fool, were all applauding and awaiting the moderate term of their new hero, Gomez, a member of Opus Dei. However, after a year as coadjutor and 16 days after he officially became the L.A. Archbishop (March 1, 2011), he seems to be following along the same path of Mahony... in everything.

Here we spotlight some photos of the 2011 Religious Educational Congress held March 17-20 in the Anaheim Convention Center, promoted by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Yes, by the same Archbishop Gomez who was expected to stop these abuses. Instead, he fully approved them, endorsed them with his presence and even warmly applauded them.

Below, in rows one to four, we see Archbishop Gomez seated in the central place on the stage while two different groups of dancers perform around the altar before and after he said Mass.

In the fifth row, Gomez explicitly approves and applauds the initiative of the Educational Congresses. Sixth row, as the cortege of Bishops leaves the auditorium, Archbishop Gomez greets the attendees; Cardinal Mahony, now emeritus Archbishop of Los Angeles, walks in a secondary place among the Bishops.

Seventh and eighth rows, a sample of the numerous singers that performed during the two-hour-long ceremony.
Archbishop Gomez Educational Congress in LA 02
Archbishop Gomez Educational Congress in LA 03
Archbishop Gomez Educational Congress in LA 04
Archbishop Gomez Educational Congress in LA 05

Photos from the Archdiocese video on the event

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 10, 2011

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