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Guinea Pigs, Inculturation & Bad Benedict

War against China

TIA, (from Twitter & Instagram)

Re: American guinea pigs in a Chinese lab

  • We will always call it the Wuhan virus. – P.M.

  • Time to get locked and loaded and get ready to war with the Chinese. – J.L.G.


Inculturation vs. Priestly Celibacy

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Examining Querida Amazonia

The events and much of what is written by many seem like a dog and pony show. Why isn't the real threat of the document acknowledged by conservatives and some trads? The document clearly supports "inculturation" of Amazonian elements (read: idolatry, overt or implied) into the Liturgy. The controversy over Priestly Celibacy (which is a very important issue) still pales in comparison with allowing idolatry in the liturgy! aaaand ... in the end, Francis gives the Priestly Celibacy and Women's Ordination gang a wink and a nod.

In concert with the above controversy on the conservative side, the book by Cardinal Sarah and Benedict XVI contains some alarming assertions by Benedict that the Crucifixion of Our Blessed Lord was NOT a sacrifice. The link to the SSPX article that L.L.  posts is well worth considering. Some of the "Benedict is Pope" adherents proclaim Benedict as "confirming the brethren" through this book. He plainly is doing no such thing.

My thanks to Prof. Guimarães for his perspective on this issue.



Francis Is Not a Danger, Benedict Is

TIA, (from Facebook in answer to the previous comment)

Re: Examining Querida Amazonia

Who cares what Benedict or Sarah wrote as if that is why Francis acted (yes, acted) as if there was a need to cloak his true intentions.

I disagree that anything Francis said was cloaked because of the blasphemous book. It’s all play acting.

Benedict needs to be exposed. The following article is enlightening and needs to be read by all.

By the way, Benedict writes in one of his disgusting books that the Resurrection is not meant to be historical. Shut up!

My anger is quite inflamed. How is he getting away with saying these things, especially the following quote within the article I mention

Benedict XVI is dependent on this theology, which he developed and lived, which leads him to some absolutely unfortunate assertions. Thus, he refuses to consider the Cross of Jesus as a true sacrifice and thereby as an act of worship. The Pope-emeritus writes: “The crucifixion of Jesus is not in itself an act of worship.” The reason he gives is absurd: “The Roman soldiers who executed him are not priests. They carried out an execution; they absolutely did not think they were carrying out an act relating to worship.”

There is more, but I don’t need any more. The evil is insidious when cloaked with lovely Tradition. Benedict is NOT what people think he is. He is much more dangerous than clown faced Francis. These evil people want you all to believe there is a tension going on when in fact it’s complete harmony, albeit evil.

Francis and Benedict are in unity along with Sarah although poor Sarah is only being used because of his ambition and his stupidity. These evil men desire non-whites to be eventually worked out of the gene pool.

I apologize for seemingly virulent comment. I’m unable to express my grave concerns properly. I don’t want to wait until I’m educated enough to do so. I plead with TIA to expose Benedict even more than what is already within their online resources.

He is not some in-prisoned pope as sad souls claim. He loves heresy and denigrating Our Lord. Read the quote above again. Let it sink in. If that were the only disgusting view that would be enough to expose. But, there is much more and I’m not capable to write eloquently. I want the world to know the truth so they can move on and stop crying and gushing over a presently evil man. Yes, he can repent perhaps. Only God knows if he has pushed it too far. But, the evil he is being used for and participating in is such that souls, even traditional souls, are being lost.

I’m concerned the above quote is not being blasted all over the place along with his other disgusting heresies.

Where is the Godly indignation? I give my heart to Our Lady of Sorrows daily. Think about Our Lady. I’m concerned and flabbergasted that we care not about such a statement.

Imagine standing before Our Lord and Our Lady as that quote was being written. Imagine! No fear of God, apparently in our time. I fear!

We need TIA to defend Our Lord in this matter and more.

I’m at a point I don’t care what Francis says. He is a clown. When blasphemy spews out of mouths and pens I believe saintly souls need to be bold and call it for the evil it is!

If a person couldn’t catch that Francis gave the green light to all things despicable then maybe they deserve what they get, except mentally handicapped souls. I and a friend spotted it on the first reading.

I’d rather blasphemies be fought against and the heretics named.

Who cares that the enemy will incite people to charge you with being “mad” or on the fringe.

So much energy spent on fools like Francis as if he needs exposing. He has willingly exposed himself. The ignorance, and I fear invincible ignorance, is astounding!

Please understand my criticism is not aimed at TIA. I speak in generalities but my “begging” is directed to you.

May God help souls, such as myself walk circumspectly in these blasphemous times. I am, daily tempted in violating all manner of the virtues I strive to attain and become pleasing to Our Lord.

Thanks be to God for St Michael and the Archangels! Super natural perseverance is much needed.


TIA responds:


You may benefit from reading the following articles we have posted on Joseph Ratzinger and Benedict XV. These are just some samples of many others that you can find ion  our website:
  1. On his doctrine:
    On the suspicion of heresy issued against him; here;
    He is not sure if Christ is God and Man, here;
    His denial of Heaven as a place, here, here;
    His denial of the objectivity of Scriptures, here;
    His new concept of the Resurrection, here;
    His will to reform the dogma of Papal Infallibility, here;
    His opposition to Limbo, here;
    His action to sabotage a Marian document at Vatican II, here;
    His affirmation that the condemnation against Modernist is obsolete, here;
    His position against the Syllabus of Errors of Pius IX, here;
    His adhesion to Progressivism, here.

  2. On his action to destroy the Catholic Church:
    His plan to change the face of the Church, here;
    His will to raze the bastions of the Church, here;
    His defense of a horizontal papacy, here;
    His support to decentralize the Church, here;
    His idea of the Church as sinner, here;
    His affirmation that the Tridentine Mass is a dead liturgy, here;
    His position against Scholasticism, here;
    His praise of the Cosmic Liturgy of Chardin, here.

  3. On his support for heretics:
    His denial of the dogma extra Ecclesia nulla salus, here;
    His part in saving the Catholic-Lutheran accord, here;
    His defense of the doctrine of “the anonymous Christian,” here;
    His affirmation that only love saves, not faith, here.

  4. On his support for Judaism & Islamism:
    His homage to the Jews on a trip to the Holy Land, here;
    His visit to the Dome of the Rock, here;
    His prayer inside a mosque in Turkey, here;
    His visit to the Cologne synagogue, here;
    His promotion of Judaism, here;
    His visit to a New York synagogue, here.

  5. On his support for Communism:
    His betrayal of the Chinese Underground Church, here, here, here, here, here, here;
    The papal Communism he presented on a visit to Cuba, here;

  6. On his support of the sex scandals:
    His covering for pedophile priests, here;
    His weak stance on homosexuality, here.

  7. On his support for other Revolutionary movements:
    Feminism, here, here;
    Ecology, here;
    Freemasonry, here;
    Evolution, here;
    The United Nations, here.

     TIA correspondence desk

Posted March 27, 2020

The opinions expressed in this section - What People Are Commenting - do not necessarily express those of TIA

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