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September 11, 2001 -  The premeditated crime and offense to American society
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Baghdad, March 20, 2003
The just international punition

War against Terrorism

catholic Surrender & Shame on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11
The debacle of Kabul repeats te shamefull retreat of Saigon

catholic Famous Jihadists Who Were Potheads
Study provides serious evidence of drug/terrorism link

catholic Spencer on Islam, the Media, Universities & Free Speech
Jihad is the essence of Islam

catholicFacing Muslim Blasphemies Pope Asks for More Hospitality
Adopting a policy of surrender and self-destruction 

catholicFrancis Bows to Muslims while US Is Declared Next Target of ISIS
He washes feet of Muslims during Holy Week - Declarations of a member of ISIS

catholicA No-Go-Zone for Muslims in America?
Pro-Trump sentiments reflect popular fears of Muslim terrorism

catholicWe Are at World War III
The Middle East and Europe are already under attack by Muslims

catholicThe Iran Deal Strengthens Muslim Extremists
The US is encouraging radical clerics to continue terror attacks

catholicThe Concessions Obama Made to Iran
The US allows Iran to enrich uranium to produce nuclear weapons

catholicISIS Sponsored by the West
Catholic Vicar of Aleppo accuses Turkey & the West of supporting ISIS

catholicWhy Is the U.S. Protecting Terrorists?
U.S. pilots complain their attacks against ISIS are being thwarted

catholicU.S. Government Arming Terrorists
Director of National Intelligence admits this truth

catholicLiberal Media Work With Jihadists
Southern Poverty Law Center sets people up for terrorist attacks in the U.S.

catholic Islam, Religion of Peace...
Massacres of Catholics by ISIS

catholic Escalating Violence by the Muslims
Petition against ISIS by Catholics in Iraq

catholic Total War & the Utopia of Peace
Enlightenment thinking conflicts with Catholic doctrine

catholicSpeaking of Torture...
Nothing in the U.S. compares to the tortures inflicted by foes - Col. G. Day

catholicThe Strategy of ‘Peoples War’ Is Destroying the U.S.
The media’s psychological effort to crack America’s will to fight terrorism

catholic550 Tons of Yellowcake
Randall Hoven discusses what this evidence represented for Saddam Hussein

catholicDisconfirmations Disconfirmed: Saddam Had Nuke Program
An Associated Press news report changes the tide on the WMDs - Randall Hoven

catholicThe Pacifist Utopia of Paul VI and John Paul II & the United Nations
The error behind the pacifist statements of post-Conciliar Popes - Lyle Arnold

catholicImprovements in Iraq Silenced by the Media
A report on how Iraq is on its way toward its full independence

catholicHomage 2007
TIA pays tribute to the families of the victims of the 9/11 attack

catholicA Peaceful Mohammadism?
Muslim manifestation in London threatening the West

catholicThe World after a U.S. Surrender in Iraq
Consequences of a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq

catholicIs America Losing the Will to Survive?
Lt. Col. Patterson on the U.S. refusal to believe in a war against Islamic terrorism

catholicA New Congress – A New Vietnam?
Will the US in Iraq suffer a shame like the fall of Saigon? - Westerman

catholicLeftist Bias in Vet's Sights
Effects of the leftist anti-war propaganda - Colonel Buzz Patterson

catholicThe Media is Willfully Ignoring the Islamic War against the U.S.
Toby Westerman interviews author Robert Spencer

catholicLt. General Thomas McInerney on WMD
Interview with Bill O'Reilly on the Saddam Hussein tapes. Listen to it

catholicWar and Peace in Perspective - 2006
Guimarães responds to theatrical accusations against the war

catholicIraq: Weighing the Losses
Sheppard considers the loss of 2,000 American lives in light of the big picture

catholicMedia Bias Costs Soldiers' Lives
Westerman interviews an war expert

catholicApproval of the War and Other Issues
Guimarães draws lessons from the 2004 elections

catholicThe Media, More Powerful than the White House
Guimarães criticizes the media silence on new findings of WMD

catholicFrom September to September: Picture Gallery of Terrorist Activity
Homage to the American troops on the 3rd year after the September 11 attack

catholicThe Spanish Shame
Comments on Spain's shameful withdrawal of troops and its election - Guimarães

catholicA Grateful Bishop
One Iraqi Bishop who says that Catholics are better off now - Joseph Sheppard

catholicVatican Official Finds New Pretext to Attack America
Gary Morella comments on the recent inane remarks of Cardinal Martino

catholicMounting Evidence Proves Iraq's Connection to Al Qaeda
Training camps, logistical and financial support for terrorists - Andrew Criado

catholicA Most Effective Enemy
Joseph Sheppard points out factors causing waning support for the war in Iraq

catholicStopping the Saudis
Alex Alexiev analyzes the currents in Islam that encourage holy war and terrorism

catholicTen Questions on the War
A.S. Guimarães answers timely miscellaneous questions from TIA readers

catholicThe Testimony of a Military Chaplain
Fr. Gommar A. DePauw comments on the book War, Just War

catholicAn Open Letter to Osama bin Laden
Michael W. Johnson, Ph.D., analyzes two naive Western myths about Islam

catholicTIribute to the Victims of September 11, their Families & Our Heroic Troops
September 11, 2003

Criteria for Just War & the Progressivist Utopia of Peace - A.S. Guimarães

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1:   Four Different Types of War
               Description of the four historical phases of waging war

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2:   Church Principles on War up to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
               St. Bellarmine, Ortolan & Gratian give the moral rules for waging war

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3:   Catholic Principles Prevail in a Possible Nuclear War
                Pius XII maintains tradition on war: Progressivists try to make changes

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4:   Traditional Teaching Also Applies to the New Way of Waging War
                New methods to destroy targets do not harm surrounding population

catholicIs There Nothing Worse than War?
Vatican protests against the war are unrealistic - Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

catholicThe Tides of War
Traditionalists join progressivists & leftists in their war phobia - Jonathan Tuttle

catholicTrue Peace Will Not Be Achieved until the End of Time
It is optimism to expect universal peace; life is a spiritual-material war - Gary Morella

catholicJohn Paul II's Criteria for War Do Not Reflect Catholic Doctrine
Pope gives up his mission & holds up the UN as international arbiter - Guimarães

catholicIraq: A Catholic Paradise?
Baseless statistics exaggerate the benefits of Catholics before the war - Guimarães

catholicThe Inconsistent Statement of Archbishop Martino
The Vatican official denies a country its right of self-defense - Gary Morella

catholicThe War: To the "Defeated" Go the Spoils
The American policy is to protect, not to exploit the Iraqi people - Fr. Schall, S.J.

catholicDissenting from the Dissent
Setting fair terms for the debate on the Iraq war - Matthew M. Anger

catholicShadow Over the United Nations / Atomic and Chemical Weapons
The declaration of war in Iraq without UN approval: it is useless - Guimarães

catholicJust War Supported by Scriptures
Church teachings, the Old and New Testament on just war - Guimarães

catholicYes, It Is a Just War
Principles of Natural Law are applicable to this war - Guimarães

catholicMisguided Strategies
Anti-Zionist rationale of some traditionalists is baseless - Guimarães

catholicThe War in Iraq: Please Don't Swallow the Bait
Traditionalists are being badly advised in their anti-war position - Guimarães

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