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Surrender & Shame
on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Pete Riehm
It has been twenty years since the cowardly sneak attacks on 9/11, 2001. Americans were shocked when Islamist terrorists crashed airliners full of innocent passengers into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon – and incredibly, some unknown heroes forced the terrorists' evil designs down into a remote field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. About 3,000 people were murdered that day on American soil. It was horrific!

The United States vowed to defeat this vile enemy and root out all the terrorists around the globe who mean us harm. Much American blood and treasure has been shed the past two decades, and we have been largely successful in the primary objective of preventing any large-scale attacks on our homeland.

Kabul's airport

The retreat from Afghanistan is essentially
a surrender to the Taliban

The price has been high, and no one wanted to stay in Afghanistan; it’s a harsh, drab environment and an even harsher, cruel culture. However, leaving under the wrong conditions was sure to leave a vacuum to be filled by the very terrorists we have kept at bay – so three presidents have reluctantly remained. Until now.

Over the past few weeks, Americans have been stunned watching Joe Biden sell out our national interests and strand Americans behind enemy lines; our military has essentially surrendered to the Taliban; and the entire episode has brought great shame on the USA as the world watched Biden appease our enemies and betray our allies as he abandoned Afghanistan seemingly without a plan.

Biden sold out on many levels. He sold out our national image for a pathetic public relations scheme so he could claim he brought home the troops on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. He sold out our national security by making some deal with the Taliban to not only retreat but arm them by leaving them some $85 billion in military equipment. No one does that unless it’s part of an agreement.

He sold out our military with some hare-brained scheme to make our last stand not at the fortified air base we built, but at the barely defensible Kabul airport in a chaotic urban center of over four million. Every admiral and general involved in planning and implementing that fiasco should be fired.

Biden and Xi JIngping

Biden sold the U.S. to Communist China

And Joe Biden sold out the United States to China! China wanted the U.S. out of the way so they could evidently harvest the cornucopia of rare earth minerals in Afghanistan. Throw in a historic military humiliation for good measure to demoralize the American military. China could not have written a better script – or did they? What does China have on Biden? Is it his son Hunter’s criminal activity? Or could it be an election?

After we faced down our enemies for two decades and fought them on many fronts, Biden surrendered all our efforts and our entire purpose in just a few bungling weeks. The insane, unconscionable reality is that on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, Joe Biden has single-handedly forfeited every military advantage, reversed any diplomatic gains, and sacrificed the credibility and reputation the United States had.

The Taliban controls more territory, is better armed, has more money, and is stronger than any time before 9/11, thanks to Biden’s arrogant (or groveling) incompetence. America is faltering, while Biden has certainly “Built back the Taliban better.”

The abject shame Biden has brought on America is manifold. He just threw away two decades of military service and sacrifice, putting the nation at greater risk than before 9/11, and he embarrassed our service members with the help of his incompetent flag officers by scurrying out of Kabul in the worst military debacle since Vietnam.

He destroyed American credibility and forfeited American moral authority. No nation on the planet, friend or foe, respects us anymore, and no one can trust us. The damage goes far beyond the terrorist threat: He emboldened every enemy and undermined every policy designed to protect our national interests.

Vietnan - Afghanistan

The debacle of Kabul repeats the shamefull retreat from Saigon

It’s sickening to realize America has fallen, but that has been precisely the globalist agenda for years. Leftists within the U.S. have been colluding with international communists to weaken America for about a century. A strong America will never tolerate globalist governance, so it must be trained to accept external influences.

Biden is simply carrying on the Obama agenda to diminish the USA and usher us into global entanglements. Communists love globalist groups because they dominate such groups and ignore the rules anyway. China and her leftist collaborators may have just had their greatest victory so far in their quest to demolish America.

To put into perspective the magnitude of the Afghanistan catastrophe, consider that Britain’s Defense Secretary came out and said what the world is thinking: “The Unites States can no longer be considered a super power.”

Ponder the devastating ramifications of this loss. It will take a generation to repair if the left is even willing to try. Again, who benefits most from toppling American global hegemony? CHINA!!! Biden’s ties to China are obvious (as Hunter's laptop reveals). They must be exposed and investigated!

United States retreats from Afghanistan

The flight from Afghanistan made the U.S.
lose its status as a super power

On this miserable 20th anniversary of 9/11, Americans find themselves in a situation similar to the first 9/11. Our enemies are closing in and are stronger than we thought. But just as we didn’t realize radical Islam was at war with America, we are failing to acknowledge that China is at war with America.

They unleashed a biological weapon that is still wreaking havoc on our economy and society; and they interfered in a recent election. The United States is being dismantled from within, and the Chinese are laughing themselves silly because while we are cutting our own throats, Biden sends John Kerry to China to be scolded about global warming. After 20 years of America's general success, Biden hands victory to China.

Americans are not stupid, but our leaders are now unprecedentedly corrupt, cowardly, and immoral. They are leading this great nation to ruin and no one will be held accountable until it’s too late. Biden will not fire his diplomatic and defense teams, and Congress will not hold Biden to account. America’s only hope is if We The People demand accountability from Washington and we pray to God for deliverance.

“A false witness will not go unpunished, nor will a liar escape” (Proverbs 19:5).


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 13, 2021

Pete Riehm first published this article in Renew America
on September 6, 2021.
Contact Pete Riehm at or MEWE@PeteRiehm

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