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Felton, Vaccines & Western Support of ISIS

The Importance of One Soul

Dear TIA,

Re: Blessed John Felton

I cannot help but wonder what else Blessed John sent to Elizabeth with the ring – perhaps a note begging her to change her position, to beg Our Lady for the grace of her conversion, and ending with sharing his hope that his own execution at her hands would bring about her conversion…

How terrible that she remained obstinate in her error. She could have been such an example of regret and repentance for all of England, Instead, she became a historical figure of hatred, and such an example of how important just one soul can be in the history of the world.

     E.S., Ph.D.

The Apostasy Starts at the Top


Re: Schneider Speaks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth

This recent comment by a reader convinces me that the late Cardinal Ciappi's comment was correct on the 3rd secret of Fatima. He said: The secret states that the apostasy in the Church begins at the top.

Also, Fr. Luigi Villa said this refers to a person who was the Vicar of Christ on earth who became Lucifer's vicar on earth.

The Petrine Office in the Roman Catholic Church has been used to foment a plot against Catholic Faith and replace it with the faith of the Antichrist.

Schneider and his dealing with SSPX is a classic example of the Delphic Oracle.

     Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


Consequences of a Green Pope


I am a teacher in a supposedly Catholic school who will soon retire. I am just hanging on for SS, I hate to admit, because I no longer consider these schools in any way Catholic.

My new class of 5th graders entered the room this week. During the first religion class I asked them about sin, and what they thought was a grievous sin. Silence. Blank faces. Finally one brave girl stood up and said: "not recycling."

You have a section on consequences of Vatican II. I immediately thought of that.


Cardinal Worships Goddess Pacha Mama


In this video you can watch Card. Gianfranco Ravasi, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, taking part in an official worship of goddess Pacha Mama in Argentine on July 13, 2015. It was part of Ecumenical Social Forum that took place in San Marcos Sierras.

I believe it is a good document for your files.



Stop the Vaccines

Dear TIA,

Ingredients in a vaccine:

Adenovirus vaccine: sucrose, D-mannose, D-fructose, dextrose, potassium phosphate, plasdone C, anhydrous lactose, micro crystalline cellulose, polacrilin potassium, magnesium stearate, cellulose acetate phthalate, alcohol, acetone, castor oil, FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye, human serum albumin, fetal bovine serum, sodium bicarbonate, human-diploid fibroblast cell cultures (WI-38), dulbecco’s modified eagle’s medium, monosodium glutamate, anthrax (biothrax) aluminum hydroxide, benzethonium chloride, formaldehyde,

Sterile vaccines - California has just passed a law requiring that all school children, in public and private schools, must be vaccinated even against their wills.

News reports on this are available here, here, here and here.




ISIS Sponsored by the West

Dear TIA,

A friend sent me the news report below, whose original is in Italian. If you find it interesting, why don’t you translate it to English for the perusal of your readers?

Keep up the good work.

Syria - Catholic Vicar of Aleppo Accuses Turkey & the West
of Being Accomplices of ISIS

July 29, 2015 – The Catholic Vicar of Aleppo, Msgr. Georges Abou Khazen, accuses Turkey and the great Western powers of having created ISIS, of continuing to train its militants and of buying petrol and archeological loot from the terrorists in Syria. “People fear that the Turks want to combat the Kurds under the pretext of ISIS,” he explains as he comments on the military operations that Turkey is preparing against ISIS in Syria and against the PKK Kurds in Iraq.

“If this is a pretext of Turkey to create a zone independent from Syria,” he affirms, “then it becomes a little dangerous. If this is a pretext to combat the Kurds and increase the confusion and violence, then it is not a positive signal. We know well that Turkey has permitted ISIS to enter, arm itself and train there.”

He continues: “ISIS is a tool in the hands of the great powers; it was created, armed and sustained by them. Instead of combating it on its home terrain, they buy its petrol and the archeological booty robbed from these lands.”

Msgr. Khazen adds: “We are well aware of who is buying these things from ISIS. They should not give weapons to the ISIS troops or train them. In the countries bordering Syria, among them Turkey, there are actual training camps.”

The Vicar of Aleppo adds: “The ISIS troops took the areas where there is petroleum; then they started to sell it for $10 a barrel, and now they sell for $30. And who is buying this petrol and other archeological spoils? I assure you that it is not the Somalis or inhabitants of Mauritania.”

Msgr. Khazen further stresses that “it is not just the Western companies that ISIS is dealing with. Those who give life to us are these poor people. In Syria we had 23 different religious-ethnic groups that constituted a beautiful mosaic. What has become of them now? And then the West come to us with talk about human rights…”

Original: Spondadsud – Rivista di Geopolitica e Studi Internazionale


Americans Going to Hell

Dear TIA,

I have found what the St. Benedict Center wrote in the 1950s concerning the inadequate response of mainstream conservatives to our horrible culture very relevant to the sorry situation we find ourselves in today.

They pointed out back then that mainstream conservatives will constantly complain about the hellish state of American culture, but they won’t do the one thing that could possibly frighten the country out its iniquity – they won’t say that the great majority of Americans are headed for hell. Below is the pertinent section from their Point Magazine.

     In the Immaculate Heart,


If there is one thing the spokesmen for American Catholicism are convinced of, it is that the present state of this country is thoroughly and flagrantly hellish. And, from Cardinal Spellman to Joe Breig, they proclaim this conviction constantly, insistently, and with endless variety.

They write books on our national insanity; they launch diocesan-newspaper attacks against our filthy literature; they issue official statements deploring the condition of family life in America; they give sermons and lectures on our unrestrained selfishness and greed.

Each week Bishop Sheen speaks to fifteen million people, who presumably are in the depths of despair — if not actually contemplating suicide — and tries to persuade them that life is worth living. Even smiling Father James Keller, urging his Christophers to light candles rather than curse the darkness, manages to convey the impression that there is a lot of darkness to curse.

The most notable thing in the statements of these Catholic spokesmen, however, is not what they say; — the existence of the evils they describe is a matter of universal observation and acknowledgment — rather, it is what they leave unsaid. For there is one strange, glaring omission in all their accusations, one inescapable conclusion which they are determined to escape.

They will call the American people drunken, divorced, delinquent, debauched; but they will not say that unless the American people amend their ways they are going to lose their souls. They will denounce, deplore, reprehend, rail against the iniquity of our country; but they will not say the one thing that might shock, frighten the country out of its iniquity: they will not say that it is headed for Hell.

And not only will they not say this, but they become terribly upset if anyone else says it. “Judge not,” they snap, not bothering that they have already judged, and you are just making the necessary conclusion from their judgment.

These Catholic complainers have drawn a sharp, impassable line between matters which they think concern only the temporal, social sphere, and those which they think concern the Faith. And they keep their discussion of American iniquity determinedly in the former category. This arrangement accounts for the fact that the same people who are painted as being so horrible and degenerate in one article, become suddenly, when the subject of salvation is brought up, “fundamentally good and sincere people whom God in His mercy would not permit to be lost.” They act on the principle that it is all right to say anything you please about the American people, just so long as you are careful to preserve for them a place in Heaven.

The barrier between what belongs to man’s social and what belongs to his spiritual welfare, also explains why it is that so many prominent Catholics are willing to condemn, say, Harvard for being Communistic. But they would never condemn Harvard for being against Jesus and Mary. That, they are afraid, would be considered bigotry and religious fanaticism.

Though these spokesmen for temporized Catholicism decry the present state of the nation and say they want a change, it is hard to see why they should. As long as people like their present way of life, and as long as they are assured that everything will work out fine in the end as far as their salvation is concerned, what difference should it make what state things are in?

Bishop Sheen complains that no one knows how to think, and says he is going to teach them how. But why should people bother thinking when he gives them nothing worthwhile to think about? (It is his firm policy to stay off the subject of the Faith and to talk only of large, inoffensive generalities.) How is thinking an improvement over non-thinking, unless you have the right thoughts?

Father Keller wants his Christophers to change the world, but it is not at all clear what he wants them to change it to, or what advantage his new world will have over the present one.

The remedies that these priests prescribe for getting rid of the evils of the world will never be effective, or even be tried, because they have no strength in them, no value, no purpose. (How much influence has Father Keller’s friendship had on Bing Crosby, who has just had to be reprimanded by the Catholic press for the filthiness of his television program?)

All these temporizers vitiate their own accusations against America by their refusal to back them up with the threat of eternal damnation. And consequently, no one takes them seriously. For all their frantic yelling, the situation keeps getting worse and worse. And it will continue to get worse as long as America is dominated by priests like Bishop Sheen and Father Keller.

Let us pray, then, for courageous priests who will tell America that the cause of its wholesale iniquity is its wholesale rejection of the Catholic Faith, and that the only way it can be saved is to accept the Faith. And let us pray that these priests will be listened to, so that our country may at last become in fact what it has long been in dedication — the land of the Immaculate Conception.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 18, 2015

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