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flowers to queen of netherlands

Do offer flowers to your special guests

The people of South Holland paid a special homage to Queen Máxima on the visit of the royal couple of the Netherlands to the Dunes and Bulbs area on Thursday, April 7, 2022. To honor the Queen, a group of ladies presented her with bouquets of the colorful tulips for which the region is famous.

When you have special guests, it is a lovely gesture to offer a bouquet of flowers to the lady of honor. Likewise, if you are a guest in another person’s home, it is a great courtesy and sign of respect to bring the lady of the house fresh and lovely flowers. It is this type of small gesture – so common in the past – that makes social life sweet and amiable.

If people honor earthly queens with such beautiful bouquets, how much more fitting is it to offer to the Queen of Heaven fresh and lovely flowers at your family shrine or church altar. Surely this is a pleasing and appreciated gesture that is received with a smile from Our Heavenly Queen and Mother.

Do offer flowers to your special guests

Elaine Jordan


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 15, 2023

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