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Heavy Metal: Origin & Main Bands

Lorenzo Lazarotto
Just as Rock ‘n Roll was born from a feverish desire to enjoy life without any authority or morals serving as a brake for pride and sensuality, so also Heavy Metal, its bastard son, took these principles to their final consequences.

aleister crowley

Aleister Crowley, founder of a Satanic sect

However, the son differed from the father in a capital point: Rock is atheist and nihilist, while the undermost essence of Heavy Metal is an esoteric, occult and Satanist spirituality.

This is what we could call the “darkness at the end of the tunnel,” that is, the final goal where those who allow themselves to be seduced by this genre of Luciferian music tend to reach.

Its precursors were bands such as Led Zeppelin, whose members were avid readers of pagan and occultist works, mainly those of the Satanic sect Thelema – founded by the self-declared “precursor of the Antichrist” Aleister Crowley.

Another band was The Coven, whose members were adepts of Wicca, a modern form of witchcraft. This band was a bridge between the hippie movement and Heavy Metal. The Coven’s first album ended with a 15-minute recording of a Black Mass.


The Coven members really practiced black magic

Heavy Metal, properly speaking, sprung from the band Black Sabbath, formed by four youth subsisting in the degenerate dark rock world of Birmingham, England, spending their meager profits on drugs and cheap liquors. The lack of sense to their lives added to a thirst for the infinite and supernatural present in every human being. The quartet came to think it could fill that emptiness with macabre literature and Satanism.

The lyrics of their music and their erratic behavior evoked gloomy, dark and horror-inspired thoughts alluding to death and Satanism. The band created new standards for volume and heaviness, making use of the musical tri-tone known as “the Devil’s Interval,” accompanied by hallucinatory screams, resulting in a macabre caricature of vitality.

In fact, their releases were nothing but frenzied and loathsome echoes of shrieking souls seeking a direction in life, demented beings trying to escape the nihilist prison into which they had flung themselves. Bellowing animal shouts, they looked more like caged monkeys than human beings.


KISS, known for their painted faces & sordid onstage feats

The members of that British quartet – Black Sabbath – particularly communicated a strong impression of infinite anguish, as if they resided in the antechamber of Hell.

As these diverse geysers of hatred, babble and cult to the Malign One saturated the souls of a large number of youth in the British Isles, a still more cacophonic mix of Rock and Heavy Metal appeared, spreading the disastrous trilogy – sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.

The bands KISS (Knights In Satan’s Service) and AC/DC (Anti-Christ, Down with Christ), with their bizarre makeup and costumes are characteristics of this period. They exalted their sordid feats with prostitutes, spit blood on the audience and introduced the two-fingered heavy metal salute that is habitually identified as the sign of the Devil. After “experiencing” the various stages of moral and mental degeneration, they finally plunged into undisguised diabolic themes.

highway to hell

AC/DC band members openly imitated the Devil

The greatest success of AC/DC was the single titled Highway to Hell, with lead singer Bon Scott, who wore a pentagram around his neck, screeching lines about how great it was to live without rules or laws in utter revolutionary anarchy… heading to the “promised land,” that is, to Hell. The band, and AC/DC fans singing along in unison, sang over and over: “I’m on a Highway to Hell.”

Someone might say: “That was just a joke, rambunctious young people partying without any real purpose.”

Anyone supposing this would commit a gross mistake.

“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” says Scriptures (Mt 12:34). It is obvious that Bon Scott, with his many blasphemies, praise of drunkenness, pornography and immoral lifestyle was expressing what overflowed from his heart. He understood well that the pleasures of life are transitory and futile, and entered headlong into Satanism.

Tragic end

bon scott

Bon Scott with groupies, a frenetic search for pleasure ended in the cult of Satan

At the very height of his popularity, broken and despairing because he lost his raison d’être in that down-spiraling career of perdition, AC/DC’s singer Bon Scott died at age 33, the perfect age. It was reported he drank himself to death. After consuming an enormous quantity of whisky, Scott passed out in his car, where friends found him choked to death in his own vomit.

This is the repugnant and vile end of that blasphemous rocker who arrived drunk before the judgment seat of God.

Before the infinite majesty of God, Who is Truth, Goodness and Beauty, what could this iniquitous creature argue in his favor after having spent his life telling youth to join him in a cursed convoy to Hell?

The Devil never gives what he promises.

The frenetic and insatiable search for pleasure ends in suffocation in one’s own vomit!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted on March 22, 2019

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