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Absolving Pedophiles & Satanic Hand Symbol

Be Careful in Absolving Pedophiles

People Commenting
Dear TIA,
After reading the letter from the lady in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, I would like to point out some observations of my own.

Never be under the impression concerning the guilt or innocence of an accused priest based on his demeanor and traditional conservative stance. Sadly, I have witnessed several priests who, either due to the wearing of cassock and baretta, learning the Tridentine Latin Mass or taking a very public Marian stance, have been credibly accused and found guilty of pederasty.

Yes, there have been progressivist liberal prelates who have punished the orthodox priests and seminarians, but on the other hand there are also those who have risen in their "career" because they have packed the pews publicly doing what the starving Faithful want to hear and see.

I know several personally, both homosexuals, who love the Latin Mass and the older more formal vestments. One has never been formally accused, the other was accused by a seminarian who lost his Faith enduring the Pastor's sexual advances. Both priest's pack the house, so to speak, and the donations they bring in have given them secure status with the Bishop as long as they do not cross the legal lines.

A former Assistant Pastor in one parish I belonged to had the reputation of being very devoted to Our Lady. When the parents of a thirteen-year-old girl went to the police, it was finally made public and five other families came forward. These molestations had gone on for almost two decades and every set of parents up to the most recent had complained to the Pastor who promised to take care of it. Well he did now, he slipped the Assistant priest five thousand from the collections and he left the country. That priest is wanted now by the FBI and the pastor died doing community service sentence in another parish in another state.

Meanwhile the faithful ladies of the parish complained that he was falsely accused because he made rosary beads. I recall attempting to pray my rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament after Confession still early into the allotted hour that the Sacrament was offered. Because there was no one else arriving for Confession, this same priest made it clear he wanted me out and I could say my rosary at home just as well. What I am trying to say is you just do not know unless you read the court documents yourself.

The best defense is to pray as Our Lady has asked us.


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TIA Articles in a Book
People Commenting
Dear Sir,

I just found your site, Tradition in Action, and I would like to buy a book, if one is available, that has all of the article listed in each of the section on the website. The sections such as “Religious Topics, Cultural Page, History Page, etc”. Each article stands as a gem by itself, but it is cost prohibitive to print these out separately, and I thought they might be complied into a book.

Can you please advise me if such a book exists.

Oremus pro invicem.

     Most sincerely,


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TIA responds:

Dear J.H.,

No, unfortunately we have not published such a book. Our website is an ongoing work to which we still have much to add in order to send our counter-revolutionary message.

But, we thank you very much for you kind words, prayers and the good idea of passing all those doctrines and facts to a book. We will keep your suggestion in mind for the future, when TIA's schedule of publication is not so full.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Satanic Hand Symbol
People Commenting

Just as a note, on this page you state: He also tried to "legitimize" some of the heavy metal satanic symbols. To the two-fingers-up sign representing the two horns of Satan normally displayed at rock concerts, he introduced a third finger that supposedly stands for "I love you."

Actually it isn't "supposedly" - it is a valid American Sign Language sign. Sign & composes the letters I, L and Y. Feel free to Google it or contact a registered American Sign Language teacher in your area for verification: here

I don't have an issue if you want to take him to task for other items, that is well within the purview of your site, but that one item makes the rest of your argument seem less likely to hold water, as the saying goes. (Oh, and you have a spelling mistake in the quote I used, above, you left the L out of displayed.


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TIA responds:


Thank you for your correction on the word “displaying.” The right spelling was introduced on that page.

We also acknowledge that in the language for mute/deafs that kind of “Y” made with three fingers is used to say “I love you.” The problem, however, does not seem to us to be a purely linguistic one, as you suppose.

We offer you an example: When someone in the U.S. wants to make a hand signal indicating he likes something very much, he makes an "O" with his thumb and index finger. In this country this “O” means “OK,” “no mistake,” or “very good.” However, if he goes to South America, the exact same “O” made with those two fingers is a sordid offense: It has the same meaning as raising the middle finger here in the U.S. Therefore, these hand signs have different meanings depending upon the milieu where they are used; if one is not aware of their specific meanings, he may send the opposite message than he intends.

In the milieu of heavy-rock, raising the index finger and the little finger symbolizes the horns of Satan, or simply Satan: “I love Satan,” “You are as admirable as Satan,” “Satan is great.” Now, Fr. Bonizzi comes to this rock milieu with his equivocal “Y” - pretending to change the meaning of a symbol that is already defined and understood as explained. We believe that he does not change anything. He only offers a justification for his fans to fit in the bad ambience of those concerts. To confirm this interpretation, check the videos of Bonizzi’s concerts: Only a few of his fans raise their fingers with the “Y” sign, the others make the habitual Satanic hand symbol.

So, we say that in that ambience Bonizzi’s “Y” only theoretically means love, not in practice. Thus the phrase: he introduced a third finger that supposedly stands for "I love you."

We thought this explanation was obvious, but your objection shows that it is not so. Hence, we take this good opportunity to further clarify it.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 14, 2011

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