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Rock ‘n Roll: Satanic Music - IV

Examples of Subliminal Messages
in Rock Music

Fr. Jean-Paul Régimbal
What are the intentions of the rock groups that regularly use their media to transmit messages?


Rolling Stones: ‘Rock music is a new youth revolution’

Rolling Stones Magazine states the goal clearly: “Rock music is more than music. It is the energy center of a new culture and a new youth revolution.”

English music critic Geoffrey Cannon wrote: “The music that penetrates the wrong ears could become an incitement to murder.”

Former Beatle George Harrison said: “Rock music is the main interest of modern youth. It doesn't matter that older people don't listen because for the most part their time is finished.”

British pop singer Graham Nash tells us: “Pop music is a means of communication that conditions the thinking of the people who listen to it. I also believe that musicians who enjoy this music have a huge advantage. We could rule the world... We have all the necessary power in our hands.”

do it
Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, who calls himself the “Lucifer of Rock,” states: “We always strive to direct the thoughts and wills of people and most of the other groups do the same.”

In his best-seller Do it! Scenarios of the Revolution, anarchist Jerry Rubin wrote. “Elvis woke up our bodies, changing them completely. The secret of immoral heavy rock lies in the energetic beat, which intensely penetrates our bodies, that rhythm which makes all passions surge, drowning out everything else. The backseat of a car was the movie theater of the sexual revolution, while the car radio was the medium for this subversion.

“Rock marked the beginning of the revolution. We have fused a new political life with a psychedelic lifestyle. Our way of living, our acid, our freaky clothes, our rock music: This is the true revolution.”

Concrete examples from rock recordings

To illustrate the technique of subliminal messages, we offer some examples you can find and hear on the sound recordings of popular rock bands.

The first example is taken from the song Fire on High interpreted by the group Electric Light Orchestra (E.L.O.). This number was prepared especially for the radio studios in order to initiate producers in a new musical dimension, back masking and the subliminal message. No attempt is made to disguise the fact that the group has used this technique.

Fire on High

An early example of back masking

When reversed, a voice can be heard quite clearly saying: “The music is reversible but time is not, turn back, turn back, turn back.”

The second example is taken from the song known as Stairway to Heaven (1) performed by Led Zeppelin. Here are some of its back-masked messages: “I've got to live for Satan;”

“I live with Satan, it's my sweet Satan, the one a little bad, what makes me sad, whose power is Satan."

For our third example we will use the Beatles song Revolution 9 from their White Album, one of the earliest examples of back masking.

The whole track is made up of disjointed sounds, a man speaking, a baby crying all overlaid with a man's voice repeating, “number 9, number 9, number 9...”

Jeff Godwin sums up the Beatles' occult obsession with the number 9, and in particular John Lennon's, with the number 9:

“In numerology the number 9 is the final number, the end of the line, so to speak, the last single digit and highest counting number before starting over again with other numerals. It is also 6 reversed, and 6 represents man.” (1)

john lennon  marijuana

Lennon with joint: ‘We’re more popular than Jesus now’

What is the subliminal message when the record is reversed? Played backwards, we hear the voice saying, “Turn me on, dead man,” that is, “sexually excite me, dead man.” The dead man is Our Lord Jesus Christ.

To demonstrate that this was the thinking of the Beatles, John Lennon was the spokesman of the group at the time of the public presentation of the Devil's White Album, better known as the White Album. In 1966 Lennon made this remark during an interview for the London Evening Standard:

“Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue with that; I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now. I don't know which will go first - rock 'n roll or Christianity.”

With these words he proclaimed that Jesus Christ is dead and buried and that rock 'n roll has triumphed.

A fourth example: The rock group Queen have this message in their song Another One Bites the Dust: “It's fun to smoke marijuana.” (2)

Fifth, in the song When Electricity Came to Arkansas, by Black Oak Arkansas, there is a backwards message: “Satan... Satan... Satan... he is god, he is god, he is god,” and the message ends with a crazy laugh.

electric Light orchestra

ELO’s message: ‘Christ, you’re infernal’

Sixth, the singer Prince on his album Purple Rain takes full responsibility for the back-masked message, “Hello how are you? I'm fine, so fine, for I know the lord is coming soon, coming soon.”

Which lord is Prince singing about? The song is about spending the night with a prostitute and also describes a girl masturbating with a rolled up magazine. Clearly he awaits the ‘lord’ Satan.

Seventh, another E.L.O. song Eldorado sends this blasphemous message when the song is played in reverse: “He is the nasty one, Christ, you're infernal.”

Eighth, in the song Anthem by Rosh, the backward message says: “Oh Satan... you, you are the one who is shining, walls of Satan, walls of sacrifice, I know it's you are the one I love.”

A final example comes from AC/DC with the song Hells Bells from the Back in Black album. Reverse this song and you will hear who inspires the music: “I will mesmerize you, but he is Satan, let me out, Satan has me prisoner.”


  1. Alex Mahloney, Rock Music: The Citadel of Satan, XLibris Corporation, 2011, p. 53.
  2. This and the next examples are taken from The Forerunner, vol. 2, 7 November 1982.

Fr. Jean-Paul Regimbal (1931-1986), who relentlessly preached against Masonry
and rock music, was a Trinitarian priest in Northbay, Ontario, Canada


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Posted October 23, 2015

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